Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Homosexual Agenda of Censorship

March 31, 2011
    There is one major issue in this Federal Election. The three opposition parties have decided it. The Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois have joined forces to make Gender Rights their campaign. Due to a Minority Conservative Government the three parties passed a change in the Constitution that gender rights would be enshrined in the Charter of Rights. To be ratified it must go to the Senate and then to the  provinces to be unanimously approved. Gender rights is not about women and men being treated equally under the law. That is already in the Charter of Rights. Gender Rights is about giving a group of people the right to sexually abuse our children. On May 02 you can have the opportunity to vote: Yes I want to give people the right to sexually abuse children. Or No I don’t want to give people the right to sexually abuse children. It will not be written that way. There will be two or three candidates who are the Yes to sexually abusing children. They will be representing NDP, Liberal or Bloc Quebecois . The latter only run in Quebec. There will be one candidate representing the No to sexually abusing children. That will be the Conservative candidate.
    Although Gender Rights is not law as usual their crowd has been acting as if it is. Here is an example of what they are already doing.  This was on LifeSite News and was reprinted in the Choose Life News , the Saskatchewan  Pro-life  paper.
    Word TV, a Christian TV show run by prominent pastor Charles McVety has been shut down tempoarily after an industry watchdog ruled that it had discriminated against homosexuals.
    Note it has been shut down temporarily at the time of a pending election. It is not known if it is running again.
    The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council which released the decision rebuked McVety for claiming that the homosexual movement is driven by a” conspiratorial” agenda and suggesting that they prey on children.
    Do you see something very conspiratorial about three Opposition parties who are usually at each others’ throats banning together to vote for a Gender Rights Amendment to the Constitution? Do you see something conspiratorial about holding a vote for this when the House and the public were not given the opportunity to fully understand the issue and its implications? Do you see something conspiratorial about attempting to silence people like McVety just before an election? I certainly find this a conspiracy. Anyone who would be foolish enough to think politicians and special interest groups just let things happen with no prior planning will have no difficulty with a belief system that includes the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin all in the same day.
    A conspiracy is a group of people who hold a meeting and close the door. Politicians and special interest groups spend most of their time doing just that.
    McVety is silenced because he allegedly believes homosexuals prey on children. I do not think that all homosexuals prey on children and doubt if McVety does or said so. The Catholic Church thinks that priests who are practising homosexuals often prey on children and have plenty of evidence for that belief judging by the stack of lawsuits. Did Judge Bekolay and associates prey on children?. Of course he did. He used northern boys who were recruited by his allies for sex orgies run by an ex- lawyer who had molested 20 known clients.
    Gender Rights will give pedophiles the opportunity to manipulate boys into thinking that they really are homosexuals, that they really would like a man- boy sexual liason, and more. Females will also have a similar opportunity.  What’s more, day cares and schools who did not let them do this will be persecuted, prosecuted and closed.
    The CBSC accused  McVety of stating homosexuals have an agenda. Of course they have an agenda. They had an agenda to get a Charter of Rights that invisibly included the right to homosexual, lesbian “ marriage.”  They have an agenda to extend their influence by a Gender Rights Amendment to that Charter of Rights. They have an agenda to have people on Human Rights Commissions, CBSC, and courts who will agree with them. They have an agenda to distort our thinking so Tolerance means censoring the Bible, pastors and priests, Conservative bloggers and TV evangelists. They have an agenda to pry children away from their parents’authority and influence.And more.
    On TVO last night there was a documentary of men who have suffered all their lives due to homosexual pedophiles. The show had been made some time ago. I don’t think it was a coincidence that it was shown in the midst of a Federal Election that the pedophiles want to win by a Liberal Coalition Government.  Keep fighting, Gay