Thursday, March 31, 2011

Half a million for Gravel

March 31,2011
     We continue to share stories from the Choose Life News with plenty of comments.. Father Gravel ,a Catholic Priest in Quebec is suing LifeSite News for $500,000. That happens to be the annual budget of this fiesty, courageous news service. What did LifeSite News do? They told the truth of Father Gravel’s political and theological positions quoting from his written and verbal statements.
    Fr. Gravel was a Bloc Quebecois Member of Parliament from 2006- 2008.  The Bloc Quebecois stated reason- to- be is to break up Canada . These separatists’ threats  protect criminal activity corruption, statism,and attacks on the Church and family The first question is why would a Catholic priest associate himself with such a political group? The second question is why is a Catholic priest an elected  politician when Rome has forbidden priests to seek and have political office ?
    Like his political party ,he supports the continued  legalisation of abortion and homosexuality as an acceptable  lifestyle deserving special protection .
    He protested the Vatican statement that respect for the homosexual person cannot lead to approval of homosexual behaviour . Father Gravel’s job is to communicate the Faith as handed down from Christ and the Vicar of Christ who is the Pope. He doesn’t do that. He publicly opposes and criticises the teaching of the Church.  The Church does not sue him.  When LifeSite News publishes the statements and the  voting record of Father Gravel they are sued half a million dollars. It’s one thing for Father Gravel to attack Holy Mother Church . It’s another thing for a sincere and accurate news service to expose him!  Hey, when you decide to be your own god and pope you gotta protect your turf.
    Since LifeSiteNews told the truth of Fr. Gravel’s positions the public knowledge encouraged Rome to stop him from being an elected politician. Rome disciplined him consistent with the rules of Rome.  It would make more sense for Gravel to sue the Pope who stopped his good  times in the House of Commons than to sue LifeSite News. But Gravel knows he’s not going to get anywhere suing the Holy See for expecting him to follow Church rules. He didn’t like the Message from Rome so he is attacking the messenger to the public, that is John- Henry Weston et al of Life Site News.
    The News Service has been under attack for exposing abortion connections in Development and Peace and for being too pro- life according to Salt and Life TV head, Father Rosica. is hated because it’s effective. Check it out. Recommended reading,
    SCARY STUFF: This blog tells of attacks on us and our little mission in northern Saskatchewan. It is our defence while we build just as the Jews needed some men to be soldiers and some men to be builders as they repaired the walls of Jerusalem while in the Babylon captivity. We don’t tell a lot of good news and peaceful activity because it’s not needed. However I’ll let you in on a few things. In the last ten years 1. After applying holy oil from a statue of Mary which was sent to us from Florida a hole in one eardrum and a scar in the other eardrum were healed. Brother Nathan even admits that I sing a lot better now that I can hear. 2. At 3am one night a current ran up and down by spine healing me of damage from at least two whiplashes and a fused tail bone caused by falling off a stump while having a pillow fight at Camp Outlook when I was twelve years old. 3. After having eight infected teeth removed ( at one time) recurring blood poisoning has stopped. 4. I had two cataracts. One disappeared. The other was exceptionally thick and tough. The doctor did not know if there was any viable eyesight behind the cataract because he couldn’t see in and I couldn’t see out. On Monday thanks to Dr. Wanzura and Victoria Hospital, God and prayers of people like Dave Carney I now have perfect vision in that eye and have taken out the lens from  my glasses on that side. Why is God bothering to fix up my hearing, incipient infection, a stiff and hurting back and shoulders and my vision? I do have a few enemies ( which of course I love sincerely.Well would you believe try to love?) But apparently God is my Bud and seems to want me to keep on, keeping on.  Love, In Christ, Gay.