Friday, April 1, 2011

Ducette, Marxist- Leninist ,separatist

April 01,2011
    Gilles Duceppe, Marxist Leninist, Separatist is no joke. He is very dangerous . He has told us exactly what he intends to do. So did Hitler . And nobody believed him either.
    For fifteen years he has been the leader of the Bloc Quebecois. He told Macleans that one can go along for decades and seemingly getting no where. Then the hour or day arrives when separatism is accomplished.  He believes his separatist dreams will soon be realised.
    The rest of Canada never has had a vote on separatism. Rather strange since it would mean losing our history, our religious heritage, the Montreal Canadiens, St. Joseph’s Bascilica, Pont St. Jean where General Wolfe died after conquering Quebec, our Cree relatives and one fifth of our land mass and a whole lot of lakes.In this election those outside of Quebec will have an opportunity to vote for or against the break up of Canada but Duceppe or anyone of his party will not be on the ballot. If you vote Liberal you will get Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois. If you vote NDP you will get Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois. Duceppe has never ran a candidate outside of Quebec let alone held a seat anywhere but Quebec. Yet if there is not a Conservative majority  he will be part of a Triumvriate where he can control the direction of Canada including her dissolution
    Maybe we should get to know this man. He has never held a job except for a short while he was a nursing orderly. He was fired for belligerent activities. He has never finished a University Degree although he studied political science. He has been a separatist since he was 20 years old . He was a member of the Communist Party of Canada ( Marxist Leninist) since he was almost 40 years. He was the editor of the CPC ( Maoist) newspaper.  He was trained in political activism by a group called In Struggle. This is described by themselves as Stalinist and Left Communist. Maoism was considered softening the Communist purity of In Struggle.
    Communists believe in history for the people. Whatever suits the goals of Communism is what history should say. Communists believe the end, which is their power, justifies the means. They will use the electoral and parliamentary process when it suits their purpose. They will use armed force, terrorism, and guerrilla warfare when it suits their purpose. Communists have always supported Quebec separatism because the dissolution of Canada will suit the goals of eventual International Communism. Quebec Separatism appeals to Patriotism of the French Canadians, the first people who were called Canadians, but their real goal is no patriotism for anyone but One World Government run by them. Democracy is a mere stepping stone to govenment without elections and without choice.
    As leader of the Bloc Quebecois Ducette had members vote as a block for Euthanasia, for no restrictions on abortion, for same sex” marriage”. Like the provincial Parti Quebecois the Bloc is rabidly anti-Christian especially anti- Catholic. They will support anything that obliterates all traces of religion including a crucifix or a person crossing himself. They hate the family and believe children should be raised by the state where paedophiles will have access to them as enabled by Gender Rights.
     In a Liberal Coalition government Ducette will have the same power as the other two even though he may not be the Prime Minister.  Liberal Ignatieff says he is a Liberal like Trudeau and Pearson. That means he is a Marxist- Leninist. NDP Jack Layton will certainly not be a moderating influence. Ducette has never made a break from his Communist and Separatist goals in all his political life. He brags that he slapped a teacher in grade 6. That was his defining experience.Slapping legitimate authority, legitimate balance and education. Ducette wants to slap us all with brutal statism.  Gay