Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Quebec

April 02,2011
    In the summer of 1994 I landed in Riviere- du- Loup, waited in the cafeteria of the CGEP and picked up a newspaper. It had a picture of Terry White of the Montreal Expos on the front and an article by Prime Ministre du Quebec (Premier) Jacques Parizeau on the third page. Parizeau was explaining to all that in an independent Quebec, Quebec would have its own military. Canadian servicemen in the Armed Forces would be able to keep the same rank in the Quebec military as they had in the Canadian military. Armed Forces pensions would be honoured and would continue at the same rate. I read the article, took it to one of the facilitators ( teachers) and asked “ Is this guy crazy? He says here that Quebec will have its’ own military! She confirmed “ yes, Quebec intends to break away from Canada and  needs its own military.”  “But they can’t take our military!”. The newspaper and the conversation was in French.
         The facilitators had a huddle and Christian Pare came to me and said” We have decided that you need to go to one of the villages where a simpler French is taught. You made two mistakes on the written exam.”  I stated that I would stay at the higher level. An argument insued with a lot of anger and lots of “ je refuse” on my side. He walked away and said “Okey, you can stay. Anyone who can speak French while that mad, knows French.”
    The next six weeks were a battle in which every day the Separatists tried to kick me out of the province and the Federalists ( pro- Canadians) were giving me 100% on assignments. I even won a Jay- o-par- dee Game although I had never watched  Jeopardy in English.
    The other student at my residence was a  Muslim, thirty years old, wore white short shorts, covered our collective sink with make- up so there was no room for my vitamin bottle and hated me with a passion. She was invited for special weekend trips and excursions. She controlled the TV remote . The owner of the residence was not a separatist but knew that she would be in serious trouble if she treated me equally and if she did not give the Muslim business- partner- to- her- brother special treatment. The Muslim told people that she was learning French because she was helping  her brother in the export business and she needed to know French.  She significantly never told us what her brother was exporting to the province of Quebec in the country of Canada. Unlike the rest of us who worked hard at never looking like tourists this babe in flowing black locks took pictures everywhere all the time.
    Meanwhile Bloc Quebecois MP Jean- Marc Jacob sent faxes to military bases urging soldiers to transfer their loyalty to the new country of Quebec immediately after a Yes vote. These faxes were placed on full display in army barracks in Quebec. The faxes were sent on the stationary of the Leader of  Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien excused this sedition of using Federal Parliament offices to organise against Canada .
    Note: Why do the Separatists try to steal a province of Canada from Canada when there is a Liberal Government but don’t try it when the Conservatives are in power?
    When I got home I contacted CSIS ( Canada’s Intelligence). They came to the house and I gave information that the province of Quebec may be stockpiling armaments sold to them by Muslims.  I never expected and never got information on the followup. There is a whole lot of wilderness for hiding military equipment  in Quebec between the major cities on the St. Lawrence and up to James Bay, the Hudson’s Bay, the Atlantic and Ungava Bay. There are also a whole lot of possible ports for delivery plus airways on water and elsewhere. There are many places the Separatists could hide very large  military equipment and very many pieces especially if subsequent governments refuse to look.
    In 1995 there was a referendum in which the Quebec people voted No to separatism for the second time. In 1980, the Quebec people also voted no to separatism. The Separatists are backed by Marxist trade unions who stuff ballot boxes, use threats and violence, bribes and coercion. The fact that the Separatists could not win two referendums despite their bully electoral tactics shows that there is a great deal of opposition to separatism. If the Separatists succeed in dissolving our country they most certainly would need a military to keep their citizenry in line and in a state of terror. Plus there are many Canadians who do not want to cede fellow Canadians and a huge land mass in the middle of their country to Communists.
    There is nothing that says the Separatists will stick to referendums and electoral politics tactics given the Marxist connections and ideology of their leaders such as Gilles Duceppe.  Duceppe has stated that Separatism is still a good possibility, that one can go on for decades and then all of a sudden it happens. It certainly could all of a sudden happen when a Liberal leader and party and an NDP leader and party aren’t really much interested in defending Canada and when they owe their power at the head of the House of Commons heap to Gilles Duceppe and his separatists.  Gay

    In the United Church Observer 1966 there was an ad for an interdenominational group, Summer of Service. My Mom and I thought that it would be a good thing for me to do because I wanted to do missionary work. I landed in Etobicoke, on Yonge Street in Toronto for a training session . A notable and very confusing argument ensued as to whether or not we should say prayers before meals. Of course I thought we should and I thought since this is a church group the issue is settled. The leader of the NO Prayers side was a militant young man whose vigorous antagonism was excused by: “ He’s part of the Company of Young Canadians.” At the end of the summer there was no argument. Everyone had been reeducated to believe prayers were silly or at least to shut up if you disagree. I had been stationed at Peepeekesis Reserve, File Hills Agency, Sask.and tried to do subversive things like Vacation Bible School.
    The Company of Young Canadians was established by the Federal Government. It was in the 1965 Throne Speech of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, Liberal, identified by now- open files from  East German Communists as one of theirs. Mayor Jean Drapeau of Montreal and other officials accused CYC of hiding terrorists and complained to Liberal Prime Minister Trudeau, protege of Pearson.
    In 1970-71 at the University of Saskatchewan I met another CYC trained communist, Richard Thompson from Toronto. He lived with Dr. Ed. Mahood , Education Professor,who had fought against the Church and for the Communists in Spain, and Dr. Margaret Mahood, abortionist advocate and facilitator.  Richard Thompson was a sincere committed Trotskyist whose attitude to making the revolution was like the 17th. Century Jesuits desire to convert the Indians or die trying.
     I never met a CYC member who was not a Marxist and if he wasn’t he soon would be shoved out of the organisation.  I have not met every CYC member. In 1977 the CYC was disbanded due to its Marxist agenda and members. Their philosophy and training is similar to Sol Alinsky’s radicalism which influenced  notable socialists in Chicago including a Kenyan, Baruk Obama.
    CYC alumni include:
Georges Erasmus: Chief of the Assembly of First Nations from 1985 to1981
 Phil Fontaine:: Chief of the Assembly of First Nations from 1997 to2000 and from 2003 -2009  who has had a career of attacking the Catholic Church while claiming to be a member of it.
Gilles Duceppe: Maoist, member of In Struggle! Marxist trade union leader, separatist since in his 20's and separatist still, abortion advocate, gender rights advocate , euthanasia advocate, homosexual special treatment advocate, leader of the Bloc Quebecois and presently running as part of a Liberal Coalition to rule and wreck Canada.  Gay.