Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parizeau's Revenge

April 05,2011
    When Premier Parizeau, Separatist, lost the referendum in 1995 he said “ This is due to money and the ethnic vote. We will have our revenge.” Duceppe and company are the revenge. Will the NDP and Liberals grant Duceppe his life time goal of destroying Canada?
The Left has always supported “a socialist independent Quebec.”  Some NDP members do not but unfortunately the NDP members have a leadership that is far left from them. Duceppe and Ignatieff, not the members from Moose Jaw, will be  the ones who will rule Layton.
    Ignatieff, Liberal Leader, who spent his life in the United States teaching Left economics at Harvard, says the only thing he likes about Canada is Algonquin Park. Algonquin Park made famous by Group of Seven painter, Tom Thompson is in Ontario so separatism is no sweat to this duel- citizenship Ignatieff.
    In the 1930's there was a strong Nazi movement in Quebec. It was led by a vigourous speaker and organiser, Arcand. He headed up many huge rallies. One of his followers was Pierre Trudeau who went about Quebec City,at the time of World War II , with a motorcycle wearing a Nazi helmet. Don’t be fooled by people who call the Nazis far right. The name is the initials from the National Socialist Party. Another intellectual involved was historian Abbey Groulx. He believed , like Hitler, in the purity of races and said that it is not true that Quebecois intermarried with Indians. There is a street named after Lionel Groulx  near the University of Montreal. Racism is not usually so honoured
    Samuel de Champlain promised the natives that his men would marry with their daughters. That!is one promise made by the whiteman that was definitely kept. In northern Saskatchewan we have people called Morin, Durocher, Mercredi, LaLiberte, LaVallee, Michel, Dorion, Dumais etc. Quess what?In Quebec we have people called Morin, Derocher et al. There was a Morin reunion being organised. They were expecting over a thousand people and that was without advertising in Sask.
    Parizeau blamed the rejection of separatism on the “ ethnic vote.” That means the Chinese Canadians, Vietnamese Canadians, Greek Cdns, Anglo Cdns, Scots Cdns, Cree Cdns, Inuit Cdns, Jewish Cdns Irish Cdns et c, et c,. A separatist Quebec will certainly be a racist Quebec.
    It will be very anti- Catholic. Liberal Premier Charest is already helping that one. He has stopped Catechism in schools, attacked even Catholic private schools, and has forbade religion taught to be taught in daycares. No “ Dieu fait moi” for three year olds as we teach the youngest children a chorus “ God made me.” Charest wants the constitution changed so instead of protecting Catholic and Protestant schools the constitution will protect French and English schools. So who is attacking French in schools ? No one. At U of S the most expensive text books other than Medicine were French. One learned how to discuss movie stars of whom you have never heard and who are passe in a year. Then you have to buy new not second hand books. The inalienable right to be an airhead in French is not what our history and constitution is about.
    It will be coercive. The Separatists and the Liberals love the word, interdire, mandatoire, obligatoire, se defendre  ( forbidden, mandatory, obligatory.) There will be shortages and job losses so there will need to be more coercion, more rules, and more managing  misery with union thuggery, but the unions will be kept in line and will be decimated. Unions depend on employment. No workers, no unions. Weak economy means weak unions.  The Union of Unemployed Workers was never very successful. The hey day of union activity in Sask. was under the conservative  Devine government because so many new jobs were created.
     A separatist Quebec will be coercively pro- abortion, pro- homosexual, pro- censorship.
     Canada will be severed into parts to be absorbed chunk by chunk into a One World Government, the religion of people like Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe
    Did you know Quebec was once a Conservative stronghold with many Conservatives  provincial governments? It’s in Quebec’s heritage to vote Bleu.   Gay.