Friday, April 8, 2011

Doing it Right

April 08,2011

    There are two things that John and I did which were very “wrong.” that is if your goal in life is comfort, upward mobility and status. Actually they were very right.
    1. In 1978 we protested “sexual orientation” to be included in the the Human Rights Code of Saskatchewan. So did a lot of people in particular Hillsdale Alliance Church in Regina. Premier Allen Blakeney wrote us a letter that said never has there been such as outcry over any government attempt. “ I would be very surprised if we included sexual orientation in the Human Rights Code at this time.” As usual the socialists backed off, made another run at it and put it in there. Saskatchewan, the home of Red Necks par excellence, Very Sincere  Christians of various stripes and Family First people, has the most militant vicious Human Rights Commission and probably the civil service  most controlled by militant anti- family people.
    2. In 1980 we protested the sex education curriculum. It was exactly like the sex education curriculum that began in Anaheim, California swept across the United States went up to Ontario and landed in Socialist Saskatchewan with a Minister of Education, Doug MacArthur, fresh from the Rockefeller Institute in the USA. The curriculum had a committee of Catholic and Public School teachers. I phoned the Catholic Chairman and asked why are you endorsing pre- marital sex when it is against the teaching of your church?” He said: “0nce we couldn’t eat meat on Friday, now we can. Morality changes.” We made presentation of a brief against sex education  to the Public School Board May 20,1980. The Board members were very interested in the Separatist Quebec vote tally which was running at that time and weren’t particularly listening.. Canadians won.The Separatists lost. We won too. That was the beginning of the end of our involvement with any public school. It was the one thing that brought on a great many experiences, persecutions, opportunities, slammed doors and open doors. A bit of the flavour can be experienced in Michael D. O'brien’s book, Plague Journal.
    We began L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord under socialist feminist Minister of Education Pat Atkinson in 1996. One of our five sons who from time to time gives us very useful information told us “ If the school ever becomes successful they are going to take it away from you.”
     Staff in the Ministry of Justice knew and know there was never anything wrong with our accounts. They knew a chartered accountant would expose what they have been doing so they had to strike fast
    I was arrested in Oct. 09,2010 because we were on the way to a successful school year. There was never any intention to let us “ comply” with regulations.
    Our status of incorporation was pulled because they intended  to replace our management and board with one of their own choosing. You don’t think that they would do that? They did that to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Humboldt. Why wouldn’t they try it against a little mission?
    In the summer before the arrest, NDP Catholics were sent up to convince me to
 “ Surrendah!Surrendah!” and to apologise for being a Tory MLA.
    Two years ago they were going to stop our school because our students were too young and too old. Now we have got a threat that some of our students are in compulsory age category. They aren’t .Why is the public constantly told we don’t have any students if the present  students are always the wrong age?
    Why is competition and government deregulation  considered such a good thing for the economy and such a bad thing for education? Gay