Sunday, April 10, 2011

what is socialism

    We have been telling you that Duceppe, Ignatieff and Layton are socialists. It’s time to explain what is socialism.
    Firstly, socialism and communism are interchangeable  Throughout history they have been used that way. Marx , the author of the Communist Manifesto (1848), began the Ist Socialist International. Engels, who believed women should be public property, began the 2nd International. Lenin, who believed a tiny vanguard must lead the masses, established the 3rd Socialist International. Trotsky, who led the Red Army and wrote the book on Terrorism, established the 4th Socialist International.  Sometimes to deceive people socialists, like the NDP, will say we’re not communists, we’re socialists. If you like, you could read The Communist Manifesto and the Regina Manifesto (1933) and see that the aims and goals are the same. Sometimes socialists and communists disagree on tactics and strategy but both are willing to use the electoral process and then switch to coercion. As was said of a Communist leader in an African country: His slogan was one man, one vote. Once in power, it was one man, one vote, once. After seizing power the Communists will do what is necessary to hold on to power including no more elections. Some people feared that Trudeau would stop elections and some people fear that Obama will do the same. In North America we still have not experienced a socialist leader who would stop elections
    The leader of the CCF- NDP, former Premier Tommy Douglas had views that might have chilled Rosa Luxenburg, a Feminist Socialist, or Engels who wrote Family, State and Property.  Douglas wrote in his Master’s Thesis, The Subnormal Family March 17, 1933 that certain people should be sterilised by force  and put in institutions where men and women are separated. Who would be candidates for this? All his examples are Catholics. Candidates for denying reproduction are people who are messy housekeepers, have children outside of marriage, use prepared mustard instead of making their own, who’ve been in trouble with the law. He had complete contempt for Indians. He said that “the ill health of the Indians are a problem because they mix freely with whites.” In other words if we could isolate Indians they could just die off and a problem would be solved. Missionaries on reserves have told me of Douglas’ contempt for Indians.  Douglas did not believe that Indians should be allowed to vote. He got on the band wagon when Prime Minister John Diefenbaker was set to give the vote to natives and he knew he couldn’t  stop the Prime Minister.
    Socialists want power from the top down. There is no avenue in the economy and in people’s lives that they do not want to control.  Saskatchewan socialists have attempted to run shoe factories, box factories, pool halls, farm land, city property, potash mining, the fur trade, bottling companies, and housing. All of these ventures ended in failure until they were returned to the private sector, that is to businessmen or a group of businesspeople who know how to do their business. In Canada the Trudeau socialists ruined the oil industry until the National Energy Policy  was stopped. There are those who fear that Ignatieff intends to bring back government ownership of the oil industry. Watch out for $3.00 /fuel but then maybe some people won’t deserve to drive.
    Ignatieff is still talking about 24 hr. child care. The socialists have always said child care, not day care because they believe that the state should raise children. They also believe that the state should decide who should be allowed to be parents. They think that there should be licenses for those who are fit, according to them,  to be parents. For the rest ? See Douglas’ sterilisation programme. Lots of children are sexually abused in day cares and schools. Sexual abuse of children by adults  is to these three just one of the options of  Gender Rights.  No I am not making this up. The three Opposition parties who want to be a Government Coalition voted for Gender Rights which is not equality between men and women in the law but the right to have any kind of sexual expression one likes. If parents and others want to protect children and want to teach and preach morality they, not the paedophiles, will be in trouble with the law. The North has had more than their fill of this already.
    Socialism is Not the Catholic teaching on Social Justice. Socialism and social justice are as far removed as feminine and feminism, communion and communism. The Church has always been the great force against socialism. Everywhere socialism has reigned it has attacked the Church. The socialists hate the Church because she teaches the dignity and sancity of each person. Socialists believe that people are fodder for the State, to be used, controlled and dismissed when their usefulness is over. The Church teaches that there are moral laws that cannot be broken. People are made by God and therefore God’s laws are to be obeyed for our happiness and welfare.  Socialists believe that morality can be changed at whim. Morality is replaced by personal preference. But some people’s preference will be protected and other people’s preference , like marriage between man and wife, will be attacked. The Church works for people’s freedom by supporting law and justice. Socialists believe that some people deserve legal rights and protection and some do not. An elite, not unlike Lenin’s vanguard, will decide who deserves justice. Christians will not deserve justice.
For your freedom, Gay