Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Coercion of Gender Rights

April 12,2011
Happy Birthday April. Once again we do not have your address.
    The best way to explain  what socialism is like is what you have been reading about for a long time, that is the unfettered socialism of northern Saskatchewan. The socialism of Ignatieff- Duceppe- Layton has a concentration of destroying all Judeo- Christian morality that would have been unthinkable for many Iron Curtain countries.
    The major issue of Canada has been the right of parents to decide the education of their children. It began shortly after the British victory on the Plains of Abraham on Sept.13,1759 . The British soldiers and the French Canadians had a hard winter. They suffered together. Ste. Marguerite D’Youville and her Grey Nuns nursed British and French alike. Because of this and other acts of kindness from the French Catholics the British governors protected the Catholic religion, the French Language and French civil law. When the Americans wanted the French Canadians to join in their Revolution of 1776 they said “ Non! Merci.” They wanted to be where their faith was protected.Our existence as a Constitutional Monarchy and an independent country was dependent on the British respect for the Catholic Religion and the evident Christianity of the French Canadians. This was unique in a time of religious persecution freely practised elsewhere by the British.
    The Socialist Coalition with their Gender Rights would destroy all that. Gender Rights is about coercion in the work place, schools, day cares and even families . Polygamy, mutilated male and females in a vain attempt for sex change, adult- child sex would be considered equally valid life choices. The only group unacceptable would be a family of father , mother and children practising Christian morality.  Gender Rights would push out parental choice in education and all Catholic and other Christian schools would be banned or worse, Catholic and Christian in name only.
    Few parents would willingly subject their child to an education that teaches polygamy or even bestiality is an acceptable life style alternative so coercion would  be necessary.  What they are doing ( unsuccessfully) to L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord would be nothing. A little mission school in the bush would not be the target but every school in every province and territory would be so targetted.
    They have been working at this for a long time through sex education, Human Rights Commissions, and through laws like the Non- Profit Corporation Act which forces people to have a certain structure to their churches, private schools, camps  and associatons and which the government can destroy at whim.
    Incidentally Education is in the jurisdiction of the provinces so the very idea of pushing Gender Rights through all schools is against the British North America Act (1867) which is our constitution, is legally wrong. The argument that something is against the Constitution has never stopped a socialist. J.S. Woodsworth , first socialist member of Parliament had a great contempt for constitutional arguments.
    Significally a known paedophile has open access to the so called public school here and gets paid to maintain a very poor rink right in the school yard.  The public school teacher is banging at the door of families using L”Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. Our students are the only ones who are getting an education comparable to their grade level. But our students will not be herded into immoral propaganda so there is constant pressure on the parents. The brave people are our parents, not us. They don’t have a blog. They still have a public house. God bless them. And God bless Canada and our  Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Election is May 2nd.  Strongly encourage people to register and vote. Pray for Canada, Gay