Friday, April 15, 2011

What McVety teaches us.

April 15,2011
    Do we still have a right to speak out against legislation before , during and after they are passed? Do we still  have a right to debate, clarify,inform people of election issues?  We have those rights because we are made in the image and likeness of God and He gave us intrinsic or inalienable rights. However judging by the treatment of the President of Canadian Christian College, producer of Word TV, Mr. Charles McVety in Canada those rights are no longer honoured.
    His show on Crossroads TV was pulled in December 2010 . It has not been restored but it can be seen on Miracle Channel. Mr. McVety was investigated without his knowledge, without any opportunity for input and defence and without any opportunity for appeal. His intention to pursue legal action is postponed because his wife is ill.
    Let’s get the timeline straight. In December the three opposition parties headed by an NDP private member work to quickly pass Gender Rights as an amendment in the Constituion. Few people are aware of the bill and people have not had the time to realise the serious attacks on children and the family. McVety is a man who would effectively explain the impact and make public the danger of the bill. McVety’s programme is pulled.
    The three Opposition parties unite under Gender Rights. An election is pending .This bill passed by a majority since the Opposition parties’ votes  outnumber the votes of the Conservative Government passes. The Lib- NDP- BQ define this as their election issue. McVety, the Conservatives, and pro-family groups did not decide Gender Rights would be the election issue. The Coalition did and the Coalition and their friends in places like the Anti- Christian Censorship Board, the CRTC are working to make sure that Gender Rights cannot be debated.  Ergo there is this prolonged attempt to silence College  President McVety.
    The decision was made in December but his “crimes” date back to 2004 when Bill C-250 was passed which added sexual orientation to the hate crimes section.  He said then “ It is now a crime to speak against homosexuality.”  McVety is being punished. McVety has had no recourse to due process or redress. Why is McVety being treated like a criminal, but unlike criminals such as killer Williams he is not allowed a defence or a court. The only conclusion to draw is Act C-250 HAS MADE IT A CRIME TO SPEAK AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY, which is precisely what McVety said in 2004. Not only is speaking against homosexuality being treated like a crime it is a supposed crime that allows no legal protection of the Accused. On this issue Canada now acts like a totalitarian state.
    Many people warned that C-250 could be interpreted to allow prosecution of those espousing traditional views of sexuality. They obviously were correct. Otherwise why would Bill Whatcott and his lawyer Tom Schuck be facing a Supreme Court Challenge over Whatcott’s exposure of homosexuals advertising for boys?  Why was Judge Bekolay’s use of  boys who were recruited in the North silenced in the media? Why were Northerners not told that their boys were being used as fodder for sex orgies by a judge and associates? The obvious answers are (a) it would be more difficult to use boys by others and in the future.(b) it would be bad publicity for the alleged harmlessness of homosexuality (c ) Since Bekolay was the former President of the NDP , Northerners and others might stop voting NDP.
    Is it okey to feel a revulsion against killer Williams and pity for his victims, their families and his wife? The law does not require us to feel or not feel things. It only requires us to act or cease from acting in certain ways.  Then why can the law now stop us from telling the truth about certain behaviour just in case some people will feel repulsion?  There are some major election issues: Repeal Act C-250 Ban the anti- Christian Censorship Board, the CRTC.          Please pray for Mr and Mrs.McVety. Gay