Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Terror of the Brown Baby

April 17,2011
    About three weeks ago we were informed that a mailout called “ It’s a Person”was being sent to targetted communities in the North, one of which was Brabant Lake. The purpose was to educate and to raise the prolife issue in the North at election time. No such pamphlet has arrived.    We do not know why it hasn’t reached the northern communities or exactly who is responsible. We are all too familiar with the general situation. There are those who think that prolife may be all well and good for communities south of Prince Albert but natives and northerners NEED abortion. If natives don’t have abortion they’ll have too many children, such as any. Hence, prolife material must be kept out of the North.
    People with this mindset know that most  northerners do not want abortion and they will willingly have a baby despite less than a perfect situation. Has there any baby that was born in a perfect situation? Certainly not the one born on December 25, 2010 years ago.
They do not want northerners to know that there are people who believe that they have a right and duty to allow a child once conceived to be born. They do not want northerners to know that they have a right to say NO to being coerced into abortion.
    Prolifers all over North America work to encourage women to choose life over death for their babies. They do not realise that many Northern women have no choice. They are forced into abortion. To repeat: Mrs. Linda Cook ran away from City Hospital in Saskatoon three times. She was hunted down , brought back into the hospital and was forced to have an abortion and to be sterilised. She then died from wrong medicine from the local clinic. If this sounds like a scene from Uncle Tom’s Cabin you’ve got the picture.
    While we were fighting terrorism of those who were trying to make us homeless a neighbour was forced into abortion because the NDP- Lib poll captain/local shamon/political officer told health personnel that this mother should have an abortion. How would you like to live in a situation where a village bully can order an abortion for you?
     I went to the local health clinic in Southend because I had blood poisoning complicated by one of my many bouts of gestational diabetes ( diabetes while pregnant ) The nurse took a blood sample, told me that my sugar was high and ordered me to go to see Dr. Spooner in La Ronge because it is an emergency. I attempted to assure her that would not be necessary I had been doing a culinary run on butter cream cakes and could simply change activities and food choice. The nurse and Dr. Spooner knew that Southend clinic wasn’t going to convince me to have an abortion . They tried once. The nurse left the next day.  This nurse would not mention to me that the tests( a second was done) clearly showed that I was pregnant.  The news that I was pregnant went all over the North, to Saskatoon and crossed the border. One would think that I am at the age of maturity when I can handle my own medical information ... or am I now considered in the Alzheimer’s period? I knew that I was pregnant. I knew that I would not get any help as usual and the baby’s best chance was to stay away from Northern health care as much as possible.
    There are many people who are scared to mention that they are pregnant even to us for fear that the news would get back to those who order baby butchering. What is it about northern babies that terrifies people? There are hundreds of sections of nothing in the North. The bush, the bears and the birds would do just fine even with a whole lot more people. There is a very good chance that babies would have green, possibly blue eyes if one has an antipathy to brown eyes, black hair et c. And if one is so inclined it’s not the brown babies who have a problem .Are people afraid the welfare roles will increase ? Well, there are solutions to that like a proper education that includes Christian  morals. Strange. We’re working on that and the pro-baby- butchers are fighting us every step of the way. Could someone please find and send that campaign material that got stuffed in the back rooms of...?  Gay