Monday, April 18, 2011

Serge and Allan

April 18,2011
Happy Birthday Kim
    On Saturday April 16 two politicians died. In every respect they were the polar opposite except that both were created in the image and likeness of God and are facing their Creator. Both deserve our prayers and the prayers of the Church.
    Former Premier Allan Blakeney was never known to have any particular vices, certainly had no criminal record, could be considered in every respect a gentleman and scholar. He went from the quintessant civil servant, to Minister of Health to Premier. He never knew hunger, violence, prison bars, a world run by violence, appetites and passions gone askew. His world was civil, polite ,orderly , and mild. The world he created was not.
    When Allan Blakeney won the leadership race for the NDP, the Left of the Left party supported him. It was the right choice for them. These supporters would be an embarrassement to the halls of the Legislature and would be an advertisement to how extreme the Blakeney government really was. As a result Blakeney gave them the top half of the province to run as they liked. He created the Department of Northern Saskatchewan and gave a bunch of committed socialists who knew nothing of running a business but knew their Sol Alinsky the opportunity to impose an anti- Christian lawless world on northerners.
    Education was forced out of the hands of the Catholic Church from day schools as well as residential. Northern Lights School Division was created expressly to stop Catholic education. They still claim that and are proud of it. Federal or provincial laws were ignored, altered, or selectively applied. Regulations were and are only a way to get your enemy. Drugs ran rampant and still do. Trying to stop the drug flow is virtually a criminal offence. Sexual abuse of children is only considered a life style choice. A system of allowing a local bully to run a community is still in place. That person or family can do anything as long as the community is under socialist control and as long as the truth of suffering is not surfaced. Blakeney never questioned, evaluated or particularly cared how successful was his policy for  this half of  the province. The toking long haired socialists were out of sight and out of mind.
   The suited short haired socialists were busy wrecking the economy at a time in which it took real effort to stop growth. The American Potash Company was bought by the government, not for $1.00 as the Waffle wished ,but by money borrowed from New York, U.S.A. banks. For those who claim that there is a connection between socialists and bank cartels here is your perfect example. Businesses were being destroyed as crown corporations drove enterprisers out to poverty or to Alberta. The University of Regina was created because the University of Saskatchewan was considered too traditional at least  if not down right conservative. The young and the educated were fleeing the province in droves. The population, once the third largest in Canada  plummeted below a million. One couldn’t buy a telephone except from the government. No drinks in cans were allowed..
     Abortion was instituted and promoted . Catholic hospitals began to be persecuted. Vile compulsory sex education was pushed from K to 12 in both Catholic and public schools. Long before other provinces got on the band wagon, a Human Rights Commission was established and the Sask. Association of Human Rights, supposedly an independent group  had their meetings in the Conference rooms of the Commission. From the beginning the Human Rights monopoly was anti- Christian.  At the meetings they would discuss horrors such as the Knights of Columbus having prolife floats in local parades.
    Blakeney had his Attorney General cozy up to Trudeau and create a Charter of Rights without the right to property but with all kinds of hidden “rights:” such as the right to coerce people to claim same sex couples could be a so called marriage and the right to censor the Bible. Blakeney’s one redeeming gift to Canada was he insisted on a Notwithstanding clause in the Charter. Otherwise, he said, the Courts would have too much power and the power of the legislatures would be decreased. We should accept and use his gift.

    Serge LeClerc’s life runs like a sociology textbook’s argument for culling the poor. He was a hardened dangerous criminal . He spent years in and out of maximum security prisons. He was introduced to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as His Lord and Saviour. He began to turn his life around because Jesus was doing the turning. He preached the Gospel and told many people the truth about drugs, anti- Christian lifestyles, the wrongheadness of the Charter protecting criminals. He reached out to young people in rallies, churches and one to one on the streets. His passion and life  was Jesus Christ. He ran for public office while completely public about his past, and won. The legislature with its halls of the aura of power has turned many a moral, sober person into one caught up in sin. Serge began to slip back into his old ways. He was forced to resign his seat after being in the Legislature for a few years.  A few years ago his wife died of cancer. On Saturday he died of cancer.
    Serge was a sinner and knew it. Did you know if you recite one rosary you mention that you are a sinner at least 59 times? Very useful exercise. He didn’t have a long and distinguished political career. His life didn’t match his preaching. ..not unlike the rest of us. But Serge knew the answer to life: Jesus Christ. It is the answer whom we all need.
     Allan Blakeney’s lifestyle was seemingly impeccable. Many public accolades, sincere and otherwise will be given to him. His answer to life was socialism, social engineering, and centralised control by an elite. His answer is wrong. His answer caused and causes death, suffering and chaos. Perhaps LeClerc will be there to lend a hand and slip in a good word as they face judgment.
    R.I.P. Allan. R.I.P. Serge. Gay