Monday, April 18, 2011

NDP going for Silver

April 18,2011
     As Liberal Leader Ignatieff is in a free fall the NDP and their cohorts in the CBC are hoping for the first time in its existence that the NDP will be able to be the official leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition. They want to campaign on their favourite subject, Government Care. The death of Allan Blakeney has provided them for new opportunities for political myth making. They claim it was really the NDP who brought medicare across Canada. Now the NDP have never been a national party. They have generally plugged away with an Also Ran Third.  They have never brought anything across Canada except a wrong headed socialist ideology. Actually it was Prime Minister Conservative  John Diefenbaker who nationalised Medicare.
    No political party provincially or federally has an anti- Medicare platform. There are those of us who believe in a serious infusion of private medical care as an alternative and expansion of health care. Medicare and medical care are not the same things. It is true that Saskatchewan is  the home of Government of Medicare.  It is by no means the leader, the example , the preferred place for medical care. That is usually across the border .
    Premier Tommy Douglas was both the Premier and the Minister of Health in 1944. He wished to put into political action his eugenics programme outlined in his Master Thesis The Subnormal Family (1933) . He called in a Communist from John Hopkins University, Seigerist to write a report. Seigerest did so putting in Douglas’ favourite themes: The Sterilisation of so called unfit people, unfit to be defined by the elite like Douglas, Mental Hospitals to be used for more control of the unfit. In it is the notorious quote “ the ill health of the Indians are of concern because they mix freely with whites.” Douglas loved the Report and according to biographer McLeod said “ Great!” He should have. It sounded just like his thesis.
    Blakeney was the Minister of Health when Douglas made doctors government employees. The Douglas government imported socialist doctors from Britain’s National Health System because there was so much opposition.Douglas said that nuns as nurses, teachers, and administrators working in hospitals like St. Paul’s should not be paid although other similar staff would be. Justice Emmet Hall intervened on behalf of the nuns. The process of taking hospitals away from the nuns began.
    Every time the NDP face some serious opposition they tell people Party X will take away medicare and people have an image of granny collapsing on the steps of the hospital with no one to bring her in and help her to a bed. The NDP will rehash their  sob story and bogey man at the same time they closed 60 hospitals, concentrating on trashing  Catholic Hospitals first. In their recent bout of power it was publicly admitted that about 500 people died of wrong medicine in one year.  While the rest of Canada had terrible waiting lists of weeks or months for serious surgery Saskatchewan had waiting lists of over a year. Medical records are parcelled out to other jurisdictions for research without any consideration of the privacy of the people involved. Although there are many false and misleading things in files their information will be used for smear campaigns, political campaigns, and character assassination. No one ever sues because people have a habit of thinking it is too dangerous to cross the government. What will happen?
Will they make me wait for two years if I need heart surgery? Health care is used as a means of eugenics. Native people are pushed into sterilisation and abortion. Healthcare is used as a means of politically rewarding some and politically punishing others. We are denied health care that is available many times.
    NDP  Premier Romanow liked to explain that Saskatchewan is a sociological experiment.  Janice McKinnon, who became Romanow’s Deputy Premier  would brag about this in her history class . That is what we are to the NDP , guinea pigs for their theories. If the theories are harmful to the guinea pigs, us, well as long as they are the controllers of the experiment it doesn’t much matter. Unless you think Canadians should be guinea pigs all over the country give the NDP a miss. Gay