Monday, April 18, 2011

Thought Police reaches for Massive New Powers

April 18, 2011
    One thing that I learned in military history is when you’ve got the enemy on a route pursue him. Canada has got the socialists and their Human Rights Commissions on a route. While Gender Rights is the subject about which  the Coalition embraced as their main reason to exist it is the subject they most don’t want discussed. Meanwhile their provincial cohorts are determined to pursue their Thought Police policies to the nth. degree. carries an article by Fr. Alphonse de Valk concerning overwhelming policies of the Ontario Human Rights Commission which can only be described as totalitarian. The article states as we have many times that the Constitution protects Catholic, Public and French schools right to exist. In Ontario that is interpreted to mean that each of the three has its authorities. However the Ontario Human Rights Commission has now claimed powers that it can overarch the Department of Education and all school authorities, regulations, text books, and personnel. It assumes power over all education and works to assume power to censor computer information and input and other publications.
    Previously the Human Rights Commission waited for someone to make a complaint. That is no longer necessary. They have given themselves power to actively pursue, investigate, set criteria and agenda and punish. No wonder they wanted Preacher McVety off the air and kept off. The parents who opposed sex education pushed in Catholic and public schools to the point that Liberal  Premier McGuinty had to back down and pull the curriculum will now get a new wave of oppression for them and corruption for their children.
    The OHRC has authority over the Department of Education in all aspects. It is best to read the article in for yourself.
      Meanwhile Tom Schuck is preparing to make the claim to the Supreme Court that the Saskatchewan  Human Rights Commission is unconstitutional. That one should be obvious. The obvious has been having hard time in the last few decades.
    This is a Liberal Government in at one time the most prosperous, Conservative and moderate province in the country. Catholic families fleeing from the Quebec attacks on Catholic Schools moved to Ontario to have strong Catholic schools and communities. Canadians everywhere must now realise there is no place to flee. The fight is now. On the day after May Second Canada will be a different country. It will either be an entrenched totalitarian country ruled by anti- Christian zealots or will be a country on her way back to freedom. There will be a lot of work to do such as soundly defeating McGinty Liberals in Ontario but the means will be there to begin the restoration of our country. Gay