Thursday, April 21, 2011

Layton is Danger in the Danger Zone

April 21,2011
    While the NDP clique in La Ronge were claiming that we owed $760 monthly rent when our total personal funds were $560 a month Jack Layton and his second wife, Olivia Chow were living in public housing in the prestigious downtown area of Toronto with a salary of $120,000.
    Jack Layton claims he supports computer neutrality, that is sometimes Conservatives get to have a blog if they’re not effective. However he sued a Liberal blogger for criticising him and his wife. The comments weren’t nice and definitely not original but few would have heard of  them if he had not launched a law suit.
    Jack Layton as leader of the NDP accepts campaign funds from the marijuana party and makes deals with them in exchange for support for their cause. The NDP’s major campaign materials in the North are drugs and booze. Before we even met Rob Clarke, MP for this riding, we learned what his position was. In his first  campaign there seemed to be an unprecedented burst of drug busts although of course he was busy knocking on doors and wasn’t part of the Mountie action. The most beautiful sight in our village was when a “drug store”, that is a van laden with an assortment of illicit drugs for various points North was stopped in the Can Am parking lot. The drug dealers took off and headed into Brabant Lake. The police blocked the vehicle and arrested them coincidentally just outside our home. We didn’t need to shake Rob’s hand to determine that this is our kind of candidate. Apparently a lot of people think so. He won more votes than all other candidates combined in the last election.
    The NDP have always been in the forefront of pushing the legalisation of not just marijuana but other drugs as well. The major drug dealers promote the legalisation of marijuana because they know that people won’t stop there. They have politicians and political parties on their pay rolls.  What ones? Well people don’t support marijuana legalisation without payment.  The drug cartels know marijuana users will go on to cocaine et c. In the North cocaine is the preferred drug of the ruling governing elite. That does not mean that everyone who works for the government is snorting up but it does seem to mean that you won’t fit in if you object. Marijuana is very dangerous in and of itself. It is appalling and heartbreaking to watch intelligent young people reduce their brains to mush and their bodies to passive objects through marijuana.
    Layton believes that conscientious objectors should be allowed safety in Canada as long as the war is sanctioned by the UN. That tells us several things . He believes that the United Nations not Canada decides our defence and immigration policies. He doesn’t specify what type of draft dodgers these people would be. At the time of the Viet Nam War many terrorist communists ( Weathermen, Trotskyists, New Left Alinskiests)  who were fleeing serious jail terms in the U.S.  came to Canada.  They are still with us and have left or are leaving their left mark on politics in Saskatchewan. Some people who feel pressure to fight for freedom in Afghanistan could claim refugee status or perhaps after Qadaffi loses some of his men can say they were pressured to bomb their country’s people. Do we accept them as well? It seems terrorists would be safe to make Canada a very comfortable home base while they spread terrorism here, to other Commonwealth Countries and to the U.S.A.
    At the time of the Cold War ( prior to circa 1990, Communist vs. Free World) Socialist Saskatchewan was the preferred destination for many communists penetrating the United States. Their favourite port of entry would be North Portal, a little village with little happening seemingly. NDP leader Lingenfelter was a former border guard there.
    Layton on abortion, euthanasia, same sex “ marriage”, gender rights? You guessed it , Straight hundred per cent for all of the causes in the death culture camp.  He kicked out an NDP member of Parliament from northern Manitoba because she voted against same sex “ marriage” Individual conscience doesn’t exist ( except for foreign draft dodgers). The NDP kicked out the leader of the auto workers union because he didn’t work for the NDP at election time. So what is their real position on the rights of union people? Their real position is you have a right to be NDP, you have a right to support the NDP and to work for the NDP. Not only do you have a right you have no choice. We learned that a long time ago on the streets of Saskatoon- Westmount.
    For Quebecois the NDP is no real alternative to the Bloc Quebecois. What Quebec needs is members of parliament who reflect their heritage, their values, their huge contribution of making Canada the Christian country it was and still can be. Since Confederation Quebec has had at least ten Conservative governments, not counting the Union National.  Why? The Conservatives conserve not only the history but essence of what people are and want to be, such as employed . Don’t vote for the party that killed the economy and drove away the young and educated in Saskatchewan’s  socialist past.