Friday, April 22, 2011

Being cool. Using violence

April 22, 2011
Good Friday
    Around here you don’t need a score card or a poll to know whose winning not only the election federally or locally in our little riding which is bigger than the country of united Germany, but in very many issues as well.
    On Oct.28,2006 at midnight Brian McKenzie, Robert McKenzie and Peter McKenzie broke down our door, threw rocks at our walls until shelves fell and threatened to kill us. Peter McKenzie who has featured far more than he should in this blog spear headed the activity. He was acquitted.
    Brian killed our largest sled dog called “ George “ after George Brown, Father of Confederation because of the dog’s whiskers. Brian did it because I was going to work as a scrutineer. Scrutineers and the possibility of another party winning other than NDP was not “let”at that time. It was the first time our local poll went SaskParty. That was 2003.
     On Wednesday John found our dog Chester missing. He found foot prints and a spot
of blood. Last night two of our adult students found the dog dead  in Waddy River. Waddy River flows into Brabant Lake which is the village’s  water supply. Other people get water directly from the river for drinking. No chlorine.
    I phoned the police because shooting someone’s dog is often a message that you’re next. This morning we discovered that Brian, Peter and Robert were drinking, toking up, terrifying people, fighting with knives ( Peter and Brian) and Brian was telling people that he was going to burn down our house and kill us. This is a familiar theme in the last fifteen years. Brian and Robert were ordered to stay out of Brabant Lake after the home invasion of 2006. They haven’t kept that or any other condition. Wasn’t there a time when threatened murder got you a serious penn sentence?Likewise Peter’s child molesting and rape?
    As in 2006 it was assumed with plenty of evidence that someone ordered the three to break into our house and kill us. Peter who hadn’t been working had plenty of booze money. The NDP have been liberal with their election materials which are drugs and booze. We can assume that the three are under orders and have been promised protection. The Southend police are acting responsibly as they did in 2006.
    Our neighbour just phoned to tell me that she was terrified, that others have found our dog with a rope and rock in the water. I assured her that the police had been phoned at least four times. She told us that a neighbour came running to phone at her place because the three were using her house and terrifying her young son.
    And that is Holy Week leading to Easter 2011 in Brabant Lake. And after Easter Monday the polls are open and the NDP are going to lose the North . They don’t like it.
They have not too many productive ways of expressing  their grief. Our dog Chester didn’t have a vote and this isn’t convincing anyone that the NDP is a party that eliminates terrorist tactics.
     John heard on the streets of La Ronge that Conservative M.P. Rob Clarke had called the Liberal candidate a wife beater and paedophile in a public meeting in Prince Albert. Don’t worry, Mountie Clarke didn’t have to go into secret files for this one. Everyone knows who is a murderer, wife beater, child molester. Getting them behind bars and out of public influence is another matter. And how did this guy get the Liberal nomination?
     When Jack Layton ran for the NDP leadership in his speech he assured people that he is “ cool around naked people”. Let’s think about this. Normally when a politician makes his grand slam leadership speech he assures people that he is for the working man, for the newly arrived Canadians, for the Quebecois and for the farmer et c et c. Assuring people that he is cool with people in the buff  hasn’t been a prerequisite to show leadership popular appeal. Is the underlying election issue Hedonism vs. Christian Morality? I’d say go with Christian morality. We’ve seen enough of the violence, deceit and terrorism while a few for a time enjoy their anything- goes- lifestyle. Gay