Friday, April 22, 2011


Good Friday
April 22,2011
    Addendum to the earlier posting. John Caswell and two others managed to get our dog Chester out of Waddy River. He had a Conibear trap on his snout, tied to a stick. The dog’s chain, the stick and the dog with this trap that is used to kill bears or wolves quickly were thrown in the river.  John has plenty of pictures. Do you think that anyone who is that cruel to a dog would stop at hurting or killing people especially if he has already threatened and/or has killed before ?
    Brian McKenzie was threatening to burn down the house of his sister. Our neighbour told me on the phone that he was threatening to burn our house and threatening to kill us. Do you think anyone who would threaten his own sister would stop at hurting us? And are sisters suppose to take house burnings or threats in their stride as little family disputes?.
    Brian McKenzie apparently has left town.
    In Southend there is an advance poll. That is when the booze and drugs starts to flow. No doubt the RCMP are very busy in Southend with the consequences of political parties who liquidate the political process.
    Our dogs are not dangerous especially Chester who is an old and amiable survivor. He was at the end of our property and near a path where drug deals are made and which people take when they do not want to be seen by others on the main road. He would bark when people were near as do all the dogs in town. A Conibear trap could be found in any household that does trapping  and are not in themselves a cruel thing any more than a gun is. It is  just part of the life, the business and the survival in the North. Who owns the trap probably had nothing to do with the cruelty. Gay