Monday, April 25, 2011

What Gives with Harper

April 25,2011
Easter Monday
    If one reads the socialist literature from Canada especially Quebec and from Europe one gets the impression that Right Honourable Stephen Harper personally is blocking the entrance to every abortion clinic and abortion hospital in this country with his arms outstretched his legs firmly planted. If one hears what the Right Honourable is saying these days one gets the impression he is personally  holding back the tide that will sweep abortion out of existence in this country.
    What gives? When I first met Conservative leader Stephen Harper in 2004 in Meadow Lake he told me that he will not move on conservative social issues for his first term. Then I heard he cannot move on abortion and other issues until he has a majority government. Now I hear that he will keep the status quo on abortion and will not vote for a private member’s bill on abortion even if he has a majority government..
    Track Record: For the first time since 1969 Members of Parliament got to vote on any prolife measure. For the first time we had a tally on who would vote for the recognition of the unborn baby as a victim in Crime.
    Prime Minister Harper refuses to have abortion considered as a solution for women and poverty at an international conference that he is heading.
    Prime Minister Harper stops all Canadian dollars going to abortion and the United Nations gets the message.
    Prime Minister Harper meets with leading Knights of Columbus members for the first time that a Prime Minister met with KC leaders as a group...
    Primer Minister Harper stops virtually all federal funding to Planned Parenthood.
    And then what happened?. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State in the Obama U.S. government personally comes to Canada and publicly, very publicly scolds our Prime Minister for his attacks on baby killing. May the spirit of  Brock, Tecumsah, and de Salaberry come to our aid in this overt American invasion. That is what Clinton/Obama did publicly. What kind of threats have they given our Prime Minister in secret?
    Unbelievable? Actually dear Canadian and American readers there is an unfortunate long history of Americans interfering with Canada’s government. Our first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald noticed it. Anti- Communist President  John F.Kennedy personally bragged of his part in defeating Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and replacing his with Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson. Unfortunately he helped a now publicly known Communist Pearson to become Prime Minister, wreck our military, protect Communism in the UN and usher in Socialist buddy Pierre E. Trudeau who was never elected when appointed Minister of Justice. Just as it’s not a good idea to interfere with your neighbour’s affairs it’s not a good idea to interfere with your neighbouring country. But then Obama said he had visited 57 of 58 states in his presidential bid. There are only 50 states and Canada isn’t one of them but maybe he doesn’t know that.
    So what shall we do? If you are mildy annoyed at our dear PM or fIamingly furious seek your revenge by electing as many Conservative Pro- Life MP’s as possible and make sure that they have huge majorities. Get involved in the Conservative Party at every level from envelope stuffer to riding President.  Voting Liberal- NDP- BQ will do absolutely nothing for the life of one little baby.  Make sure that any prolife effort and prolife politician will be protected. Put on so much prolife pressure throughout the coming years that we drown out any pressure from the likes of Clinton/Obanma.
    And if you’re an American? Defeat Obama/Clinton at the earliest opportunity. You’ve got a good start. And pray for Canada and our very good PM. Gay