Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Please help on this one

Easter Tuesday
at home
    As we pick up the mail we meet a SaskPower truck that has been dealing with a power problem in Southend.. such as a shortage of NDP signs. Isn’t it time crown corporation personnel cease to be automatic NDP campaign workers at taxpayers’ expense? But then our court system can be used to silence the opposition.In the six hour trip home two things kept me almost in a state of shock and I really didn’t think the NDP could do anything that shocks me. A crown prosecutor on behalf of another crown prosecutor is asking for my denial of access to the internet. Seriously. They really are making the claim that I should not be allowed access to the internet. And on what grounds? Well apparently I say things that annoy the NDP. Really? I’ve only been doing it for about forty years.  As for John a left song came to mind, one about Poor Old Marat whose eyes were turned to rust and they threw his printing press in the Seine River or something.” It’s about the Marat who made lists of people to quillotine in the French Revolution but the Left turned him into a champion of free speech. These people are consistent with the Maoist slogan “ No free speech for fascists” and a fascist is anyone who disagrees with a Maoist.
    Jack Layton, NDP leader states his position is “ internet neutrality.” Now this is his chance to tell us what this means. Does this mean people should be allowed freedom of expression, the right to freedom of the press which the Supreme Court clearly stated  means blogs and bloggers as well? Or does this mean paedophiles have a “right “ to abuse children, put pictures of the abuse on the internet and have other like minded people view them without punishment? Please clarify Mr. Layton.
    The other thing that shocks me and that I still do not accept is that I am expected to go to Southend Court on Thursday. It is very questionable that anyone should go to Southend Court because that Court as it now stands has completely abandoned due process. No one gets time for a defence. If a judge is not there you are processed by telephone . I made an appearance. I stood it as long as I could. I could not see and if I had not left I may be blind today. I tried to find an RCMP officer to explain this. I couldn’t see one and walked up to a Conservation officer. We left and then John phoned and faxed the RCMP that I was too sick to stay.  Yet I am on bench warrant because I supposedly failed to appear. I appeared for two hours. No judge and  court personnel showed up. Anyone who respects the law, the courts and his own freedom and rights should have done the same.  I can’t even get through on this one. There is an election in five days. I have been a player in this election and my antagonists are furious . They are out for revenge. Obviously the court should be postponed until after the election . They know it and they are deliberately doing this because they want to get me Before the election. An immediate protest is in order. Good night. Gay