Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Socialist Gloves are Off

April 27,2011
Easter Wednesday
    It is five days before the Federal Election. Preacher McVetty is still off Crossroads TV because he explained the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle and homosexual laced sex education as he has done for years. LifeSiteNews is being sued $500,000 by a disgruntled priest who has been deprived by Rome of a political career with the Bloc Quebecois, a party whose every policy is against Catholic teaching. Mrs. Linda Gibbons is lanquishing somewhere bouncing between the confines of poverty and the confines of a jail cell after serving a combined five years behind bars for exercising her personal conviction that she should help mothers not kill their unborn babies. Former practising homosexual Bill Whatcott is being persecuted to the Supreme Court for printing a page from a homosexual and lesbian newspaper that advertised minors wanted for sexual liasons. To our knowledge northern Saskatchewan voters still were deprived a sent mail out “ It’s a person.”And I am expected to go to court tomorrow morning for charges I know not.
    This is not the first time that this has happened. I wouldn’t go to court because I believed that the charges were dropped. I went anyway and discovered that they had changed the charges and did not serve the new charges on me. That action cost me $24000 in legal fees. Then all charges were dropped.
    I know that the Crown Prosecutor Dorinda Stahl working on behalf of another crown prosecutor is asking for six months in jail, three years of probation and no access to the internet. I kid you not. Crown prosecutors are supposed to work for the Crown, that is for the laws, legal traditions and constitution of Canada. They are supposed to maintain and restore due process.
    I have never heard of any condition that a person can be deprived of access to the internet. If I check the weather at the Southend station I would be breaking a court order? If I send a personal message to a son in the seminary ? If my husband prints out for me bulletins from international socialist sources? Or prints our an e-mail from a friend? If I help a student have access to the internet and press a few buttons? If we watch the Royal Wedding through the computer? This is the sent- to- Siberia programme of a Stalin.
    Known murderers and child molesters  in the North don’t get six months of jail and three years probation.  They get money from the band to build a house in this non-reserve beside the Catholic School and Chapel .What precisely would be my probation conditions other than I learn to love Big Sister, Big Brother and Big Inbetween?
    I’ve been told that I don’t really have to go to jail. This is just their first negotion offer. One does not negotiate with terrorists. And what is there to negotiate? What have I to offer with which to negotiate? My soul? My mind? My inalienable right of freedom of expression? My right to work for a Canada that isn’t socialist? My right to be a Christian and thus a right  to express Christian views? My right to have a Catholic school that is Catholic? My right to print what I believe is true, is necessary and is what I want to say:light, funny, unwelcome, different, serious or irrelevant?
    If I budge I am not negotiating my freedom. I am compromising the freedom of every Canadian. I am selling out sexually abused boys in northern Saskatchewan, sexually abused little girls, people struggling with drugs and alcohol habits, people wanting a family and to live in peace and in freedom.
    A judge without my presence or representation made a decision. I appealed that decision and am still appealing that decision. I have been told only that I was not “let” to appeal. The Appeals Court accepted my application. I met the criteria and had about one hour of a court that should have lasted three days. I erased the name or the assumed name of my accuser from my blog Before the Appeals Court. That gracious act was a mistake.  I have been told that I must keep the peace and not ride around town. At the time that was said the only riding I was doing was to and from students and school. Having a Catholic School is the most entrenched and long standing right in Canada . I was told that I was violating the peace by exercising it.
    I have been told that I failed to appear in Court. I pleaded to have the court adjourn because I couldn’t see and was sick. My request was totally denied. Not only that I was expect to review my file and enter a plea. Never has anyone ever had to read their own file to figure out their charges. This condition was put in because they were told that I couldn’t see. That is a deliberate act of cruelty. I stayed for two hours. I left because my eyes couldn’t stand it and I could have gone blind.  The judge or any court personnel were not there. That charge can only be construed as a deliberate and cruel lie.
    On this election we get to choose freedom or tyranny. All these acts are a prelude from what we can expect from the Socialists ( Liberal- NDP- BQ). If you missed World War II you can still fight for freedom with an X beside the Conservative candidate, the only freedom choice. Gay