Thursday, April 28, 2011

No jail

April 28,2011
    I went to court. Judge Daunt was presiding.  Ms. Stahl was not available and was connected by telephone.  The RCMP stated that they would be dealing with this summarily that means they are not asking for jail time. I requested that the judge read me the actual charge or charges. She did so. They were that I failed to carry out a court order by Judge Rathery. This means that the crown prosecutor et al refuse to recognise that I had a right to appeal the decision that was made without any input from me. I readily pleaded Not Guilty. I asked for the umpteenth time that the court be removed out of Southend to Prince Albert or other centre outside the North. Ms. Stahl claimed that this is news to her. A court is set for June 30th in which I can make application for a change of venue. I also asked for an adjounment long enough so that I could find an out of province lawyer or lawyers and raise money for the legal action. I made it clear that I had a responsibility to pursue this so it never happens to anyone else in Canada.
    Don’t ever forget that the NDP are willing to go so far as to put people in jail and take away their access to the internet. You may like to send one of my recent blog postings to your network of contacts to make it clear what the NDP do not want you to read. Serge and Allan seems to be a favourite. For some reason the words draftdodger, Weatherman and assumed name seemed to touch a nerve. More later. Thank you for your prayers. Gay
Royal Wedding is in nine hours. Remember,they are OUR Royalty.