Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Message from a Massage Parlour

The last day of the Octave of Easter
The Beatitude of Pope John Paul II
The Eighth Day of the 50 Days of the Easter Season
Mercy Sunday
The Crowning of Mary
The Day before the election in the Dominion of  Canada
    We have powerful intercessory help to save our country. The media helps one way or another. Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker used to say “ The NDP are Liberals in a hurry.”
This prophetic voice realised what we are seeing. The NDP -Liberals have become one and the same. They have become a far left movement to protect hedonism for some and a police state brutality for others.
    In 1996 NDP leader Jack Layton was caught in a police raid of an illicit massage parlour in the Chinatown of Toronto. These massage parlours are known as Rub and Tug places where drugs and other illicit activities including of course prostitution, male and female operate. Mr. Layton was found naked on his back. A not necessary condition or position for a medical massage.
    So what is the response?  The Toronto police are required to investigate the “leak”. They are not required to investigate the thousand illicit massage parlours which are part of drug ,prostitution rings of the mafia. They are required to investigate who told the public what the public has a right to know. The hand of Premier McGinty , Liberal and his crew is not so invisible in this.
    I personally think that the public has a right to know that Jack Layton has prostrate cancer and his second wife, Olivia Chow has cancer of the throat. Conclusions and implications are your own. Chaste people can get all types of  cancer.
    The big enemy of the NDP- Liberal scene is Truth. They hate it. They hate people who convey it, write it in blogs, print in the newspapers, the magazines including the once boring left MacLean’s Magazine which has been around for more than a century. They hate it at Royal Weddings . Wasn’t it delightful when the bride’s brother read Romans 12 while we had to endure shots of an “ American convicted paedophlie” to quote MacLean’s and his Canadian “husband.” Wasn’t it a Spiritual Blessing when the Bishop detailed the purpose of marriage first one, being bringing forth offspring, second one, raising children in a Godly manner? There seems to be a real revealed tradition of what marriage is and that stunt couple isn’t it.
    No NDP is going to be elected in Saskatchewan to sit in Parliament nor has been for some time. Why? Because Saskatchewan people know what the NDP is like. After the next provincial election the NDP won’t even be a provincial force. Don’t buy a pig in a poke or a commie in a massage parlour. We went to Southend to set the stage to really expose what the NDP has done to Truth and to the North, that is went to court due to a Truth  muzzle attempt. While others were doing errands I heard a conversation in which two people were saying when the NDP get in they are going to give us houses from Chicago. These intelligent young women who obviously missed out on geography believed this incredible story. The NDP candidates are saying anything because they know that they will never have to deliver.
Meanwhile Southend will not need us to scrutineer because they are running it locally. When  Southend is going Tory any poll in Canada can go Tory.  And we can all live in freedom and peace.  Tory means Conservative, means Stephen Harper, means law and order and freedom. Gay