Monday, May 2, 2011

Canada Won

The separatists are decimated to about two seats. Duceppe has lost his seat. Praise God! The Liberals are third place and their leader Ignatieff is in the process of losing his seat to a conservative. The NDP have never had so many seats. Except for Saskatchewan the NDP have had a free ride in Canadian politics. People did not take them seriously and thus never realised what they are really like. Now that has changed and for the better. By the time the provincial election comes along people will be very educated.
    Rob Clarke ,our Member of Parliament is leading with a large majority.
    We just took time off to ride around town honking our horn. Sister Mary Judith where is your stash of firecrackers when we need them?
    Thanks to the intercession of the Holy Canadian Martyrs, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Saint Andre and Blessed John Paul II. Thanks to the intercession of Bishop Charlebois and Padre Pio. Thanks to the Holy Angels who have saved Canada. And of course thanks to Our Lady of the North ( Mary ) and Ste.Philomene. Give God the Glory who has saved this country in a time of great peril.
    More later. March for Life at the Saskatchewan Legislature May 12 th, March for Life in Ottawa on May 14th. Christian March in Quebec on June 04. The Victory March to restore our country has begun. God save Our Queen, her heirs and successors and Our Country.  Gay