Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Kelly Block Factor

May 04, 2011
    Every election Mrs. Kelly Block forces us on our knees, lifting hands of supplication to our Lord in the late hours of the evening. How does this Christian politician manage it? Her riding is Saskatoon- Biggar. It is a conglomerate of urban- rural polls,union- business- especially the business of farming. The city votes come in early. She is trailing by a 1000 votes. Then as the village and farm vote comes in she wins. A special thanks to the Green candidate who took 626 votes away from the NDP. Liberals also took 696 votes but the Liberals of Saskatoon area are often non- socialist stubborn people who refuse to concede that their party is now more red  than the NDP. By the way, as stated in this blog  NO Saskatchewan seat went NDP . We must know something
    When campaigning in the past in the west of Saskatoon we were always struck by the conservative people, pro- family, pro- life, devotely Christian, hard working, many of whom escaped communism in their former countries. Yet they would vote NDP. This is considered the safest area for the NDP in the entire province.
    Firstly the NDP with union thugs borrowed from Manitoba and elsewhere practise massive electoral fraud. At the time of the election they go live in empty appartments in the poorer areas. Then vote two or three times . There was a union man, Orest Devernichuk, not exactly a generic name even in Saskatoon west who was voting for Caswell and the union knew it. In the post mortem on the election we discovered that “Orest Devernichuk” voted five times, in three polls, and twice in advance polls. The NDP through SaskHousing Corporation will round up tenants throughout the city and have them vote in three or four ridings provincially or in several polls in the larger Federal ridings. The logic is,as explained to me by a Metis executive member, the scrutineers, DRO’s and poll clerks can’t tell one Indian from another . Besides they don’t want to get into trouble for challenging a native’s right to vote.  We went to see if a Christian native, Mrs. Kennedy living in Riversdale  had voted. She said that she had already voted in Fairview . She didn’t live there but no doubt a SHC or Metis van came to pick her up, took her to the polls, the driver, at a strategic spot, watching her vote and taking her home again. Her Christian conviction was she shouldn’t vote for the NDP twice. Sounds pretty unethical? What would you do if the NDP could take away your home overnight?
    At the doors housewives would say I have to vote NDP or my husband will lose his job. The union will get him fired. We’d argue that there is a secret ballot, that the NDP can’t find out. She would say “ no, they have ways of finding out.” She, of course, was right.
At one poll a union man, twice my size, literally pushed me out the door. Then he stood at a specific spot. When he left I stood right at that spot and was about to see how someone  was voting. I had the voting box changed. It was. And probably moved back as soon as I left.
    Conservative Mary Cherneski would recount how she would ask her fellow Ukrainian Canadians why they have an NDP sign on their fence? They would say a man from the government came and put it up. They said it had to stay up until they took it down.  Rather than assuring immigrants who had lived in Communist terror that this is a country of freedom the NDP take advantage of their fear and past experience. They bully the bullied.
    So why weren’t or  aren’t these elections irregularities challenged? The modis operandi is “ massive.” When you cheat at an election you have to cheat big so no one or no government would bother to challenge the results. Romanow probably never really fought an election in Riversdale. The union’s job was to do that. He would chaulk up the second biggest wins. Brocklebank in Saskatoon- Westmount would get the biggest, using the same tactics, and often the same union workers and many of the same voters as his neighbouring riding.
    Saskatoon - Biggar has these provincial ridings in its net and the NDP Nettie is still
inheriting their dubious successes, at least in the early city polls. Then the farmers, small business people in the rural polls where one can’t invent voters because everyone knows everyone, give Kelly Block her two victories.
    The men and women  in the unions go to the same churches or churches like their rural counterparts. They believe the same thing. In the main they believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Not only that, one should get married once and stay married. Being common sense people they know that humans have human babies from the beginning. They never planted a wheat seed that turned into a canola plant. They never bred a cow that had a horse, a corse or a how. Often the union member is related to the farm families and may be both farmer and employee. But the union person gets daily NDP propaganda at the work place, in the mail and by telephone. They won’t be told the NDP leader never had a job other than as a political hack, that his household made $120,000 and lived in public housing in a prestigious location.  There won’t be any mention of Jack lying on his back in a house of ill repute in his birthday suit. They won’t even tell him if the job makers aren’t protected they and we are out of a job.
    They’ll tell the prolife union man that the Conservatives haven’t stopped every abortion in Canada.  They won’t tell him that the NDP is The Abortion Party. They won’t even mention that your child or  your grandchild can’t be born in St.Paul’s Hospital because the NDP doesn’t allow money to hospitals which won’t do abortions. They won’t tell them that the NDP pushed same- sex “ marriage”, euthanasia, and sex education designed to convince little boys that they are meant to be special friends with their alternate life- style male teacher, whose habits are to be protected. They won’t tell them that you and your wife have to work to pay the high taxes needed so the government can raise the children who are treated like state property. They won’t tell them that with some exceptions, the NDP, with former separatists and socialists Liberals tucked in the same nest, have been and often are opposed to the Monarchy and the Canadian military.
    Isn’t it about time that we told the union controlled voter these things? The notion that the truth is not nice, therefor we mustn’t hurt anyone’s feelings is not only not nice, but nuts.
You can’t counteract socialist lies with Nice. You have to fight lies with Truth. And by the way many, many people in Saskatoon- Biggar believe in the Man who is Truth. Gay