Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catholic School Board War

    Tomorrow night the Catholic School Board in Toronto will vote whether or not Catholic parents have a right to Catholicism in Catholic School. The issue will be Equity Programmes. In a typical onslaught of agenda control school trustees, teachers and parents have had meetings about this motherhood sounding issue. Actually it is about anything but motherhood. Premier McQuinty’s change agent henchmen insist that there needs to be a programme to stop “ gay” bullying in all schools which include Catholic. Pushers err I mean facilitators have admitted that there are no more incidents of gay bullying than any other kind of  bullying. Parents asked why then do we not concentrate on bullying period and not single out a specific type of bullying. The answers are probably obvious to the parents and former teachers who are objecting.
    Firstly one needs to understand that gay bullying is about gays or alleged gays being bullied.It is not about adult homosexuals and lesbians in positions of authority, government, law and in educational bureaucracy bullying taxpayers parents, priests, pastors, teachers and students, students as young as four or five years old and up. The first thing that must always be established in this game plan is the homosexuals have a right to claim victim status. Their behaviour, individually or otherwise can never be censored , They can manipulate children to believe that they really are homosexuals and want to be that way. They can censor and edit text books, curriculum, bible readings, other speakers and activities. They can run meetings where anyone who questions their views is treated as a bigot and a person who should be x-ed out of existence. They will not tolerate anyone questioning their ethics, their censorship, their manipulation.
    By accepting the view that homosexuals and lesbians are always victims one invertingly accepts that the behaviours of homosexuality is acceptable, inevitable, and unchangeable.  That is not a Catholic, Biblical or Christian  position, They know that. That is why they are intent on perverting the Catholic schools away from Catholic standards.
    If people who indulge in this behaviour are always victims then their views, lifestyle, actions have to be endorsed, affirmed, accepted and even applauded by the hetrosexual population. It isn’t about equality. It’s about affirmative action so they get special rights, extra influence, extra open doors to classrooms and curriculum.
    I have always found it annoying that people stand up and say I’m.Jeff, Pete or Sally... I’m an alcoholic.  I rather like to consider Jeff, Pete or Sally as people who at one time drank too much . Their problem shouldn’t define who they are. People who are  caught up in certain sexual sins shouldn’t let the sin define them and we shouldn’t do it either.
    Now radical homosexuals will object to this and claim that homosexuality is like the level of melanin in your skin. Whitey can’t help being whitey. If that is the case why do they have to have access to children to convince them homosexuality is an acceptable choice? Whitey has no choice in skin colour.
    This debate can go on at length. But by virtue of the Catholic School being Catholic the issue has an answer. Certain sexual expressions are sins. Like all sins there is a solution: repentance, changing one’s behaviour with the help of Christ’s grace. Like many sins it may be very difficult to stop the sinning immediately. Have you noticed how scandal mongers
( gossips) have an ongoing repeat problem?
    Stay tuned. Remember parents. School trustees also are elected and can be replaced. God bless. Gay, as in that fine traditional Gaelic word.