Friday, May 20, 2011

When thoughts aren't free

May 20,2011
    In the film The Nuemburg Trial , an expose of the Nazii regime the repentent Nazii says “ I never thought it would come to this. The judge replies. “ It came to this the first time that you convicted a man that you knew was innocent.”
    Canada was on the verge of being a totalitarian country prior to the election night of May 02,2011. The road and destination of totalitarianism commenced when thoughts and feelings not actions became the subject of criminal activity.  In Nazii Germany there was an underground slogan: “ My thoughts are free.” No matter what the Naziis did to someone they could not get at their soul and mind. Human Rights Commissions try to violate that. Your thoughts and feelings are not free. When the HRC gets hold of you you will discover that you will be treated as guilty at the beginning and at the end. You will be financially destroyed.
Because of the flagrant crushing of the right to think, feel and exercise free speech in private and in public all other legal proceedings have become corrupt.
    When three men were told to break into our house and kill us they went to trial. Their lawyer, Mr. Johnson, now a crown prosecutor , made the case that I wrote things that some don’t like, so these men should be acquitted. He didn’t plead for their innocence, a light sentence, which they certainly got, but that they were doing a public service because of the existence of our newsletter The Brabant Lake Times.
    Linda Gibbons is a 63 year old  grandmother who has spent ten years in jail. Why? Because she stands near baby slaughter houses and quietly urges mothers not to kill their baby. Her right to free speech is violated and the mothers’ right to communication and alternative information is violated. Mrs. Gibbons has experienced violations of due process, proper legal procedures, brutal bullying and contempt from court personnel. She had to endure a crown prosecutor who is notorious for the line “ The Charter trumps the Bible.”
Courts went ahead and tried her when she could not make the court hearings. A letter stated that a specific lawyer did not represent her was sent to the court. This letter was mysteriously “ lost.” Although the violation is a civil issue she has been tried in criminal court and obviously has had very stiff sentences.  She has served the combined sentence of about three murders in the North, not counting the murders that are dismissed as suicides no matter how impossible.
    Mrs. Gibbons is not well educated as in many degrees. She certainly isn’t rich and is poorer than many poor people. She is not well many times.  Rather than these things  being taken into consideration her lack of academic clout, poverty and illness are used against her. The Left- Libs who have always claimed to be custodians of human rights and defenders of the little guy have now become the flagrant, vicious bullies who sneer at those who suffer for righteousness’ sake.
    Mrs. Gibbons’ case is going to the Supreme Court in the fall. The Ontario court system has done everything possible to stop that process. For years Mrs. Gibbons was unknown. Some so called prolifers found her commitment an embarrassment. They thought if word gets out that some people actually suffer to save babies how will we fill our committees? Now even the  CBC has discovered Linda Gibbons and stated her treatment is
 “ a challenge to free speech in Canada.”
    To my knowledge Linda Gibbons is not asking for compensation for her terrible treatment but the Supreme Court jolly well better give her a very large compensation package even if she’ll spend it on something like... saving human babies. Gay