Friday, May 20, 2011

Lawyer Cauchi defends Catholic Catholic Schools

May 20,2011
    The blessings continue to flow. Our lilacs, the farthest north in the province to our knowledge, are going to bloom spectacularly and for the first time it is possible that they will  bloom in the month of May. These traditional May flowers at the earliest have bloomed in late June. Secondly John printed out a wonderful legal opinion by Mr. Geoffrey F. Cauchi L.L.B. available from concerning the right of Catholic schools to exist as Catholic schools.  It is 15 pages long with 11 pages of end notes, some of which are very interesting.
    Premier McGuinty , ever the toady for the homosexual agenda, has mandated student led gay straight alliances in Catholic and public schools. These are promoted by the gaystraight alliance whose website very revealing concerning their brutality, mentality and logic. They call anyone who opposes them fascists. Has no one every heard that the most brutal Nazii  thugs were the brown shirts who were all homosexuals or is that something that is supposed to be laundered out of history?
    Firstly why is Premier McGuinty mandating student- led anything whether it is student led volleyball clubs, stamp collecting or basket weaving? Schools are having difficulty producing graduates who can write a coherent sentence. Everywhere there is a decline in basic math skills. Why is discussion of various  sexual variants even on the agenda when the only acceptable standard is chastity?
    These clubs are a blatant recruitment tool for sexual activity and propaganda activity for anti- Catholic teaching.They have nothing to do with Education or Catholic
    Cauchi’s document is well researched and well reasoned. He states that section 93 of the British North America Act ( 1867) which protects Catholic schools and minority schools in a Catholic majority cannot be contradicted or dismissed by provincial legislation. This provides conclusive legal clout that all the needless irritants, harassments and arbitrary regulations we have suffered are unconstitutional.They are designed and administered to stop our right to operate a Catholic school and stop parents’ right to send their children to a Catholic school. Because of s.93 of the BNA 1867, OUR LADY OF THE NORTH SCHOOL HAS ALWAYS OPERATED LEGALLY WITHIN CANADIAN LAW AND CONTINUES TO DO SO. The Charter of Rights specifically states that it cannot violate existing rights as outlined by the BNA.
    The document has a great deal to say concerning freedom of religion and freedom of association. The non- profit corporation act is now administered in the Corporations Branch which is under Honourable McMillan’s jurisdiction and out of the Justice Ministry. We have heard from him once but to date our rights to association have not been restored.
    We highly recommend this Cauchi’s document to any governmental minister,civil servant, school board member who is interested in operating within true human rights and Canadian law. This legal statement  provides a great deal of information and ammunition for lawyers and lay people who want to restore Catholic education as Catholic. Yes it also gives many arguments to stop the homosexual agenda in Protestant and public schools.  For religious freedom, Gay