Saturday, May 21, 2011

Section93 and other legal issues

May 21,2011
    This is the Queen Victoria Weekend, a great time to talk about section 93, BNA 1867.
Queen Victoria was the ruling monarch when four colonies joined to make the Dominion of Canada. This wouldn’t have happened unless Catholic Schools and /or minority schools were protected. On that condition only would Canada have become a nation. Consistently whenever there has been challenges that eroded the right of Catholic schools to exist the courts have ruled firmly that section 93 must be upheld. Not only did the Charter of Rights not erode this right but reconfirmed it. Every Premier who doesn’t want to do something knows that the safe litany is a Federal matter,... is against the constitution. The provinces cannot make laws that deny or erode section 93.
    Under the socialists Catholic schools were chased out of the North. That was against the highest law of the land. The “Public “ board whines to Regina that they, Northern Lights School Board came into existence to stop Catholic schools. That is a very clear confession and is not a reason why Regina should protect their unconstitutional monopoly now or in the future. They even tell them they would be happy to vote SaskParty if they would facilitate the destruction of a Catholic School. Section 93 BNA is not up for provincial political negotiations. If there are actually SaskParty gurus who are so naive to believe  that these people would be faithful conservatives if only Our Lady of the North School would cease to exist, well they are very naive.
    The Liberals, who are now Layton NDPers, relentessly attacked Catholic Schools through the bogus residential school issue. Former students were given money because they were exposed to Catholicism in a Catholic School. That was and is clearly unconstitutional. Catholic schools have always had the right to be Catholic schools. Pupils were not forced to go to those schools and more  parents wanted to send their children than there were spaces available. Bishop Charlebois said that he only accepts Catholic students from Catholic parents .Sometimes Protestants were allowed to go because they wanted the superior education but they clearly understood that they were attending a school that practised and taught Catholicism.
    Mary Anne Caswell in her book Pioneer Girl details the first  pioneer days of Saskatoon, a Protestant Temperance Colony. Their parents, wanting the girls to have a good education, sent them to the Presentation Convent School in Prince Albert. To my knowledge no Caswell ever received a pay out because they got a good education.
    Premier Charest of Quebec  and Premier McGuinty of Ontario , both capital L Liberals are outdoing themselves in attacking Christianity and Catholicism in particular.
Premier Charest pushes comparative religion classes on a Jesuit Private School, censors religion out of day cares no matter who runs them and stops Catechism classes in all schools ..or tries to do so.( There are rebels in Quebec).
    McGuinty does exactly what persecuted College President McVetty says he does. He pushes sex education that is a recruitment programme for homosexuality. His latest GayStraight Alliance Clubs run by students in class time are not original, educational, or remotely in good taste. Stephen and Laureen Harper may want to check out what they are doing to their children in their prestigious public school. These clubs are an American invention that is part of a blatant child grab movement. They claim that the students have an inalienable right to discuss  sexuality of any kind with each other instead of learning academics. To quote their promo STUDENTS HAVE A RIGHT TO DISCUSS FAMILY MEMBERS . Now when did violating the privacy of family members especially in the area of sexuality become an inalienable right and a subject in school?
    Discussing sex is a well known come- on for sex. Remember all those “ objective” sensitivity sessions of the Sixties which were designed to loosen your privacy, your morals and make you more insensitive to decency? Well the graduates are now using the same tactics on elementary school children. People like McGuinty are blatantly out to destroy Catholic Schools and Catholicism. Section 93 is supposed to be archived from the public and in due course deleted. Don’t let it happen.

    People were very surprised ( and very relieved ) to find out that I really am not a criminal, do not have a criminal record and have committed no particular crime lately. This shows hauling people to court for no particular reason such as to suit the persecutor’s, err sorry , prosecutor’s schedule is an effective means of disinformation. If someone has to go to court long and often enough people start thinking that they actually have done something wrong.  Well Premier Romanow perfected that on Tories. So many Tories were hauled to court he even started convincing them that they actually did something wrong. The Commies  were successful in convincing Cardinal Mindzenty that he was a criminal. “If Gold rust, what will Iron do?”- Chaucer
    I could not get to court in Prince Albert so a judgment was made against me anyway. I could not get to court in Prince Albert again so a following judgment was made against me. I told the court through various means why I could not go to court. The first time I was not even aware of the court. These type of things have happened to Linda Gibbons . Her case is going to the Supreme Court in the fall.
    A civil case was made into a criminal case by  absurd and blatantly illegal means. These things happened to Linda Gibbons. They will be discussed at the Supreme Court level.
    I have asked repeatedly that this alleged criminal issue be moved to another court besides Southend which is 30 miles away. When I had no knowledge of civil charges, no money, no brakes I was tried in my absence in Prince Albert which is about 500 miles away. Now I am asking to have a court in Prince Albert or South of Prince Albert. I would know that it is happening and probably get to it.A lawyer might get there as well.  To date my request has been refused  because “ One is tried where the crime occurred “ to quote Judge Daunt and Prosecutor Stahl.
    Firstly it is not established that any crime has occurred but that statement establishes that there is no intention of treating me as  innocent until proven guilty. The point of the exercice is to destroy this blog, me and the mission. If freedom of expression is now a crime then the so called “crime”  occurred in a hotel or private home in Prince Albert, in a plane, in Cromwell, Connecticut, Toronto Airport, a coffee shop in Montreal, in a Davidson inn, Buffalo Narrows hotel et c . Not once did I happen to write a blog while in Southend.  It seems that gives plenty of opportunity for choosing an innovative spot for court. How about Montreal? It’s such a fun place. The supposed “crime”  seems to have occurred in cyber space. Anyone have the address?
    Another idea is let’s save adrenaline, tax payer money, and vehicles and sit back and see how Linda Gibbons fares in the Supreme Court. Why waste all that time and money when someone else may actually get her court violations redressed? If someone else has lawyers and factums all ready why not tuck under the effort of her and the Supreme Court? There really is a lot of gardening to be done and we must finish the school year and prepare for more student in the fall.