Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Regina Manifesto's Social Justice

May 22,2011
    In the Ministry of Education History Curriculum The Regina Manifesto 1933 is a mandatory subject. It was put there by the NDP government and is one curriculum area I try not to miss. This was also my tradition in the legislature. Section 13 Social Justice has always been one of the more compelling units. The CCF- NDP has always had a plan, an agenda and long term goals. Their conservative opponents whether free enterprise Liberals of the past or capital C Conservatives often have been defeated because they didn’t have an articulated conscious agenda and long term goal. Therefore they appeared to be without direction, did not have a standard by which to make decisions and worse they often inadvertently or otherwise adopted socialist goals and helped transmit the CCF- NDP agenda .
    The Socialist goals have always been to destroy due process, an open court system where people are treated as innocent until proven guilty, where a punishment must fit the crime,no less and no more . They believe that the courts should be used to further the socialist revolution, make the New Jerusalem of a socialist paradise. Everything to a socialist is to further the goal of a one world socialist government. A person’s innocence, his family, his reputation, his property is nothing if it stands in the way of that goal. The Moscow Show Trials have been repeated all over the world including Regina Trials and I might add Prince Albert and Southend.
    When Premier Romanow went after Tory MLA’s , hauled them to court for trivia, for ignoring archaic regulations et c he wasn’t just being vindictive, making political retaliation and playing the political game of wrecking the other party’s army . He and his helpers believed that they had a right and a manifest duty to be government. They believe as Gormley states in his book that they are morally superior. Therefore they  deserve to be government forever. Premier Grant Devine and his Tories were parasites attacking the socialist tree of life.
    This probably not only sounds like bragging, but probably is bragging: However ,the NDP have said many times to many people that Gay Caswell to them is public enemy #1. For this I am proud whether or not I deserve the honour. The late Francis Schaeffer said that Communism is a Christian Heresy. It has been apparent to me that it is impossible to defeat the NDP with just another political machine. The NDP is a religious movement and can only be defeated by replacing it with a true Christian religious movement.
    Section 13 states: The establishment of a commission composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, socially minded jurist and social workers, to deal with ALL ( emphasis mine) matters pertaining to crime and punishment and the general administration of law, in order to humanize the law and to bring it into harmony with the needs of the people.
    The phrase “the needs of the people” sounds benign but keep in mind in the Premier Blakeney era roads were maintained “ by the people of Saskatchewan”, the north was affectionately called by socialists “ the People’s Republic of Northern Saskatchewan” etc. To them the will of the people is the custodian of the smart guys , a vanguard such as publicly  Romonow, Douglas, Blakeney,and a hidden vanguard of socialists such as Planned Parenthood Federation, groups funded by the Rockefeller Institute et c. Not all people are the people, only the right thinking people which is the left thinking people.
    Note in socialist “justice” the jury is no longer a jury of peers pulled from the main stream of society but socially minded jurists. You can’t be just a person in their courts but a socially minded person, that is a proven socialist.
    Former MLA, Serge LeClerc in his book Untwisted shows that dispensing with proper crime- and- punishment conclusions and replacing it with Charter of Rights inspired litigation has made prisons more violent, more stressful, and more corrupt. There is a constant flow of drugs through and to inmates and through and to staff. Convicts ( his preferred term) are  now far more likely to be repeaters. The public is far less safe because the drug operations and empires, theft skills and increased level of violence spill out into the streets after the prisoner is released. It now is a legal system run by the whims of the so- called helping professionals,
( The section 13“ psychiatrists, psychologists, socially minded jurists and social workers”) It is worse for the convicted and worse for the safety of the public.
    When I was an MLA a constituent phoned me because the Department of Social Services were apprehending her child and would not give her a trial. The child had been raped by someone visiting ( invading would be more precise) her home. She was now labelled as an unfit mother because she had failed to give her child a safe environment. This rationale for apprehension is very vicious and open to a great deal of abuse.  The department said that she was not going to get a trial with a lawyer because she doesn’t deserve one. That is the NDP version of social justice.  A trial and a lawyer is a privilege with which they can dispense.
I said then I would act as her “lawyer”. They got her one.
    According to NDP lights it is perfectly acceptable to try Gay Caswell in a distant court where she cannot attend, pretend that she was phoned in consultation and charge her with a huge sum so their NDP northern political officer can take away her property. It is perfectly acceptable to misinform people that she is a criminal , then turn a civil case into a criminal matter and work to make sure the results are such that the lie becomes retroactively true. This is acceptable because she is an enemy of “ the people”, that is  the NDP people who have a right to run everybody. The Manifesto calls the British tradition of due process “ our present archaic system”. The so- called archaic system is not acceptable because the results are not assured. The accused might be declared not- guilty if the public and a traditional judge actually gave him a proper hearing.  The NDP enemy is in control of Saskatchewan courts and their stoats and weasels ( see Wind in the Willows) have taken over Stornaway, the home of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. It is time to read and reject the Regina Manifesto. Gay