Monday, May 23, 2011

The Persecution of Mark Mallett

May 22, 2011
Queen Victoria’s Birthday
    Mark Mallett is a lay Catholic evangelist. He and his wife have eight children and live in a small community in Alberta. He travels to various speaking engagements , writes and produces catechism materials on various subjects and writes a blog “ Spiritual Food for Thought.” It is very easy to determine what Mark Mallett believes. As far as can be determined a person who works for the Prince Albert Diocese and has contacts in Edmonton began a campaign against him. This person has no ecclesiastical authority and no particular expertise or authority in theology but in an era where the role of the laity and the clergy are confused. A busy body with an ax to grind can do a great deal of harm.
    Firstly the Edmonton Diocese told him that he can’t speak in their Diocese. They said that they didn’t want anyone who claims to have locutions or messages from God. Now I hadn’t heard that Mark Mallett claims to have messages from God anymore than all of us can have messages from God if we read the Bible, study Church teachings ,assist at Mass and listen while we pray. However Catholicism is not just a happentance, present day religion. There is a vertical dimension through history. Catholicism teaches the Communion of Saints. That means the all the saints no matter when and where they lived have an impact here and now. Many of those saints believed that they had messages from God. Ste. Catherine of Siena had something to say to the anti- Popes in Avignon . Ste. Joan of Arc had something to say to the English and said it quite forcefully. A door keeper called Brother Andre ministered to the world and still does through his intercession and through St. Joseph’s Basilica in Montreal . Mr. Mallet is not claiming to be a declared saint . He is convinced that it God’s will that he teach and evangelise people. Blessed John Paul II gave that endorsement as does the writings of Vatican II. If the Edmonton Diocese authority is uncomfortable with Mark Mallett then they must find a whole lot of the saints positively nauseating.
    This unauthorised critique in Prince Albert says that Mark Mallett teaches about hell, judgment ,darkness, repentance and the need for  conversion. All the Doctors of the Church preached about hell. The Bible teaches about hell and judgement .The Old Testament has a consistent theme: judgement, the wrath of God, consequences of sin and the need for repentance. The Old Testament is school teacher that leads us to repentance. The critique claims that people need to hear about God’s love, mercy and light. No body is interested in God’s mercy unless they recognise that they have sinned and are sinners.  Consistently Christians have taught the Pentecost message of St. Peter. One must repent. That is acknowledge himself as a sinner and then accept Christ’s salvation on the cross through baptism and become an active member of Christ’s body.
    It didn’t stop at Edmonton. Mr. Mallett was the chosen speaker for the Redberry Conference in Saskatchewan. The bishop sent a letter to the organisers stating that Mark Mallett is not an acceptable speaker. He did not send it to Mr. Mallett directly.  Mark’s one and only response was “ pray and obey.” Meanwhile even after the critic had his pound of flesh  he continued to bad mouth Mr. Mallett.
    Mark Mallett did NOT in any way encourage or endorse this posting. We’ve had our fill of lay self proclaimed visitators who think they can gossip, snoop and arrive at conclusions without any understanding or knowledge. We’ve been consistently attacked by a Liberal political  Organiser who happens to be a nun  The Spanish Inquisition looks like a model of democracy compared to what these behind- the- scenes malcontents can do. Maybe we’re defending Mark Mallett because we’re also tired of our similar treatment.
    The Redberry Conference will continue. It is on June 24 and June 25. Father Terry Kraychuk will be the speaker. We hope to see you there.  Gay