Monday, May 23, 2011

McGuinty's bullies

May 22,2011
Queen Victoria Day
    In an incredible appalling lack of democracy, ethics and fair play on May 20 the Toronto Catholic School Board voted 7 to 4 to approve the government’s Equity and Inclusion Policy This obstensibly is to stop bullying of homosexual students. It is impossible that any school board could have an anti- bullying policy when they themselves are accepting bullying as a norm , when they bully the parents and tax payers.
    A hired lawyer in the employ of the Catholic School Board said that trustees and the school board could be sued for voting against EIE. The McGuinty government REQUESTED that the school board implement this policy. Then the lawyer supposedly the “hired gun” for the Catholic Board tells the elected officials that they can be sued if they don’t vote for the government’s homosexual push. They would be sued if they amended the approval policy.Parents were not allowed to ask questions but only submit them in writing.  A few questions were chosen for denigration value.
    In a previous meeting on April 20 the government equity trainer, Mr. Chris D’Souza said to a group of concerned parents, who are voters and citizens of Canada , who are exercising their rights and responsibilities to voice their concerns to elected officials: THOSE WHO OBJECT TO THE ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS CODE, WHICH RECOGNIZES SEXUAL ORIENTATION AS A PROHIBITED GROUND FOR DISCRIMINATION SHOULD TAKE IT UP WITH POLITICIANS OR “MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY WHERE THEY DON’T PROTECT US”
     That’s right. You just read an employee of the elected Premier of Ontario tell a group of parents that if they object to something they should take it up with politicians. McGuinty and his henchmen, elected school board members are not politicians? These people thought that they were doing just that. When it comes to militant pushers like D’Souza’s politicians they are not politicians but grand pupah gods?  You also read that he told them to get out of Canada. This is high grade bullying, intolerance and bigotry. What would happen if one of the parents had said that to him???! We have a serious bullying issue here folks, but its not the parents or the students.
    A Mr. Alan Yoshioka, a former homosexual activist who is now Catholic and married to a woman defended the Faith and democracy very effectively.
     Moira McQueen of the Canadian Catholics Bioethics Institute said “ the Catholic Church doesn’t talk about homosexual acts being sinful rather that homosexual acts are intrinsically wrong”. Save your pennies and your hopes on the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute when they hire a subversive female who doesn’t know that “intrinsically wrong” means in and of themselves, despite circumstances are sinful.
    There is a prayer vigil going on since Good Friday and ending at Pentecost to ask God to make the Bishops of Ontario true shepherds who will stop these wolves destroying students and staff in Catholic Schools. We are joining them in prayer although we can’t be praying with them in  Hamilton.
    Amendments will be voted on June 16  giving their “ hired gun” lawyer Eric Roher turned McGuinty bully opportunity to bully elected trustees some more.
    What is missing here is a major roll back.  The issue is not protecting a student’s right to be homosexual but that chastity is not the goal, norm and standard and that there should be no sexual expression  outside of marriage. Why should a premier of the province insist that any school at any time use up valuable classroom time in student led discussion groups about anything, let alone those things that shouldn’t even be part of any student’s life ? Gay. We recommend that you read the articles for yourself on
    Mallett and rights of Catholics
    Mark Mallett, lay Catholic evangelist has been banned from speaking in Edmonton by the Edmonton Diocese. Mark Mallett has been stopped by the Bishop of Prince Albert to speak at the Redberry Conference.  It was stated that he cannot speak but he is more than welcome to sing gospel songs. Mark Mallett does not know why they are doing this.
    Mark Mallett, and anyone else who has been censored by a bishop deserves to know and must know why this is happening. This is not just about Mark Mallett. It is about the whole nature of Truth and Authority. If Mr. Mallett or anyone else is teaching error then he  deserves to know it.  How can he correct his alleged error when he doesn’t know what it is? If there is no error but only a whim or somebody’s personal jealousy then he should not be censored. This cannot be tolerated . The Catholic Church never treated Martin Luther this way. Why do the faithful deserve it? There are human rights issues that must be maintained  in the Catholic Church as well. Gay