Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Game isn't over until it's over.

May 25,2011
    With a minute left a comment had just been posted in the Vancouver Canuck/San Jose Sharks Games that his one is over. I sent up a flash prayer. In the last 14 seconds the Canucks scored and with two overtimes won the game and are on the way to the Stanley Cup.  The  Vancouver party reverbrations were felt here.
    Anyway more people should play and watch hockey. It is one of the few things left where both sides have to play by the same rules.
    The NDP with its absorbed Lib-PQ vote made one fatal mistake in the Dominion election. They started acting like they were government one week before the election. The most telling remark in retrospect was the comment McGuinty’s  D’Souza made to parents objecting anti- Catholic immorality being pushed in Catholic Schools.   If you don’t like sexual orientation overiding religion “ then go to another country where they don’t have the laws to protect us.” That’s right. Their policy is if you don’t accept a wholesale onslaught against Christianity, move.
    The most telling written statement was the letter I received a week before the election  stating if I pled not guilty ( to what was unclear) then I would go to jail for six months and have no access to the internet at any time. period. That is how an NDP government would have treated their critics if they had become government of Canada.
    The SaskParty which was voted- in because people were fed up with the NDP in some cases, seem to now believe that all those civil servants who have the D’Szousa mentality are really the good guys and really know how to run things. The Corporate branch has now moved out of Justice which we requested. Mr. Jameson acting under Honourable McMillan wrote us two e- mails assuring us that the same people who treated us so fairly, decently, and honestly in Justice are now treating us he same in the McMillan department .The letters have a polite ending.
    The Crown prosecutor who is still apparently the most important  political officer by self- appointment in the North is still running things. When he attempted to lay an assault charge on me for giving an actor a push when a word wouldn’t do in a Christmas rehearsal he knew it wouldn’t stick legally. Therefore with the help of two bootlegger/ drug dealers and a cocaine recipient he compiled about seven pages of supposed proof that we regularly kill people or something. A typical line was that we smash campers’ heads against pues (their spelling). At the time that was written, campers sat on the floor of the chapel. Now we have benches that our students made.  We still don’t have any pews. Those pages composed by a crown prosecutor who is suing me is still being circulated. They have never been tabled in court. They have never been cross examined but are circulated extensively.  Government officials who nail us for some stupid or non- existent regulation think that they are doing things correctly because they have read or heard of the contents.  They think this is good management and never ask us of the validity of these papers. A crown prosecutor letterhead is very effective misinformation.
    It’s kind of like beating up another player outside the ice.  No referee .No penalty. Lots of injury potential.
    Spirit Daily has a link to our blog re: The Persecution of  Mark Mallett. Mallett is the kind of person D’Souza and the NDP  would kick out of the country or put in jail. Bishop offices in Edmonton and Prince Albert should defend persecuted Catholics not help the process. Gay