Sunday, May 29, 2011

Defending our Catholic Canadian Heritage

May 29,2011
    There needs to be a massive Section 93 BNA 1867 Campaign. No we don’t need to get a law passed we just need to claim our rights that Canadians always had. Of course they had the right to Catholic education in New France. New France was estalished in 1534 when Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence and planted a cross for God and King.  The many saints of Canada are  connected with education such as Ste. Marquerite Bourgeois, Ste. Marguerite d’Youville, Ste. Marie de l’Incarnation et c. Before them came the Holy Canadian Martyrs were tortured and murdered because they were teaching the natives a new Faith of Love, not Cruelty. The pagans weren’t just cruel to a handful of Jesuits. Cruelty was their guiding principal in all their relationships.
    After General Wolfe scaled the heights of the Plains of Albraham on Sept.13, 1659 and the continent was transferred to Britain the rights of the Catholic Church were protected by law. That meant the Church had a right to exist, had a right to educate and a right to spread the Faith. Evangelise they did to the South to the Gulf of Mexico and to the West and North of what is now Canada. One of the reasons the Thirteen Colonies broke away from Great Britain and the King was the anti- Catholic Americans were opposed to living in such proximity to  colonies that had freedom of religion even to Catholics. There would have been no Dominion of Canada 1867 unless the right to Catholicism and Catholic schools were protected. There would have been no Saskatchewan and Alberta unless that right was protected in the provinces.  There would be no send the BNA home of 1982 unless Catholic Schools were protected. We have now accepted a level of persecution that was unthinkable in Quebec after the Conquest , that was unthinkable to the Fathers of Confederation, and that was unthinkable to the pioneer Catholics of Saskatchewan.When the rights of the  Catholic Church are eroded the rights of all Christians are eroded. When the Secular Shark feeds on the big fish of the Catholic Church it is not difficult to get the little fish of the evangelical denominations.
    We have a situation in Saskatchewan in which  Catholic schools, Catholic camps, Evangelical churches, camps, institutions et c. cannot hold property unless they are registered under the Non- Profit Corporation Act. That means every year these institutions must submit  their financial statements to a batch of anti- Christian civil servants who are masters at dissemination and deceit. They must record their board, changes, memberships and by- laws.
Never mind what the web site says. It is what the 300 page law says. The secular- socialists can reward compromised Christianity and persecute principaled Christians who believe , preach and teach the entirety of the Faith. They are the first screening to a world that is controlled by the  mind sets of  the Human Rights Commissions.  Let’s get this straight. This is as much persecution as the fines and property confiscation of King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, her Cecils and the Cromwells. What the anti- Catholics are doing in Canada are similar to the Communists of Poland except the Faithful understood that they were being persecuted and responded appropriately.
    His Holiness Benedict XVI states the Cafeteria is closed. Catholics can’t choose an elective diet of beliefs and practices: “No anti- contraception please, no sexual moral teaching, no  "until death do us part" stuff. I’ll accept feed the poor. After all don’t I vote NDP as my conscience dictates, so the government can’t look after the marginalised?”
    If the Pope is saying Catholic in its Fullness or not Catholic then our schools and lives must reflect that. McGuinty henchmen and SaskParty elected with NDP civil servants and NDP courts cannot dictate to us how Catholic we can be. The Greek culture which was in control of the Jews in the era of Machabees was similar to ours: homosexuality as an accepted and enforced norm, an evolutionary world view, multi culturism as long as it didn’t offend the amorality of the Greek Conquerors. When a mother and her seven sons were martyred because they wouldn’t eat pork flesh they were saying no to a whole lot more than pork flesh.
    Catholic Schools have a right to exist. That means that they have a right to property, self- government, and Catholic not government authority. Catholic Schools have a right to be Catholic , in its administration, staff, teaching, text books, moral norms and religious practices. Defend it. Fight for it. Section 93 is our heritage stretching past Confederation and well beyond. Gay