Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Revenge Parties

May 11,2011
Happy Birthday Rosa
    Some people may dismiss the impact this blog had on the Dominion election. Our enemies don’t. By now it should be a confirmed fact in everyone’s mind that the NDP fight elections in the North with booze and drugs as their major election materials.  I never saw in this village one campaign leaflet or even poster of the enemy but we certainly experienced the impact of increased booze and drug supply. For years we’ve been telling people anyone who tries to buy your vote with booze and drugs doesn’t deserve your vote.  Judging by May 02 results it was one lesson they learned.
    However the NDP don’t forget elections. They certainly don’t forgive. The revenge has begun... against us, it never really ends. On election day we were minding our own business, that is running the school. Then the so called assured seats of Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill and Saskatoon- Biggar did not go NDP. Strange, both our son in the S’toon riding and we lost a dog during this election. Dogs can’t vote. Threatening people doesn’t seem to work either. Generally killing someone’s dog is a not very subtle way of saying you’re next. They usually assign someone to do the dog job.
    Since the school is continuing better than ever the enemy has concentrated on sabotaging our older students with booze and drugs. Their arguments are wearing a little thin. While we are working on a workbook to go with Solomon Cleaver’s Jean Val Jean and are delighted with the students’ enthusiasm ,Peter McKenzie, is hauling in whiskey from La Ronge. Now Peter isn’t working. He refuses to even help with spring cleaning. If one has a little money it is possible that one will buy a bottle for oneself. But the whiskey flowing here from his open- house party, students with a special invitation, was not bought with anyone’s welfare cheque. Clearly the socialist cartel in La Ronge is supplying this party. It’s not a victory party. It’s a revenge party and the purpose is to destroy our students. If in the process of deleting future attendance marks in our registrar the students are destroyed themselves, so be it.  At 5am one person was caught by another for trying to steal the school van. Fighting and swearing ensued. Across town couples were fighting and general commotion reigned. This is the old Brabant Lake. We’re the pretty, peaceful, energetic village in the North.
    This is the second booze and drug seige since the election. There is no love lost between the purveyor and his clients. It’s not a party of friends.  It’s a party of “ I”ll teach you to get uppity and think that you can have a sober and educated life.” The NDP needs the North drunk and stoned. The people are dependent and controllable at election time. Sobriety and thinking among the electorate are to be feared.
    To us the election is over.  Phonics, Shakespeare and bedding plants are on the agenda. The election may be over. But the war is not. We’re tired of dealing with the consequences of drugs , of young people in a continual state of not-being-there. As the North’s election reward for voting right, could we please have some serious drug busts?
    I am writing this at the school in the early hours and am watching a regular drug delivery across the street.  Gay