Friday, May 13, 2011

The law right side up please.

May 12,2011
    MacLean’s Magazine has outdone itself in being MacLean’s.  It gave us oodles of pictures of THE Wedding and states that Prince William’s marriage has saved the Monarchy and Marriage for starters. It forgot to mention the salvation of the  millinery ( ladies’ hat) industry. In small print it states that this election turned the country upside down. Actually it turned the country right side up. Harper gets to be on one front cover and Bin Laden gets to be on another front cover, just in case people can’t stand a good guy picture.
    Anyway back to Canada- right- side- up. And back to a little geography .Northern Saskatchewan is part of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan is part of Canada. Court standards and procedures of Canada were at one time one of the highest in the world. The British tradition of fair play, Blackstone commentaries and due process were well entrenched. If one didn’t break a law one needn’t fear the police or courts. End of issue. It appears we still need some right side upness in our legal system.
    On April 28 I went to court. Judge Daunt kindly read my charge, first time this has happened. I am accused of not obeying a court order of Madame Rothery and I did not erase the name of a public employee, a crown prosecutor by in 30 days from my blog. Of course I pled “ not guilty” The gist of their case is there was an election coming up and they wanted to silence me and somebody wanted to be a judge without anyone questioning his suitability.
    Now just a few questions. How could I disobey a court order as stated  when the court order didn’t state what Judge Daunt read. The court order stated that I should erase Mr. delete’s operating name from my blog and never defame him again. It said that I had sixty days to do this. It did not say I had 30 days to do this. Those things use to matter a great deal and if we’re going to restore justice  it should matter still.
    I applied to the Appeal’s Court and my application was accepted. Therefore Madame Rothery’s judgment was under appeal. The Southend police under the direction of Mr. delete were told that I did not have a right to appeal. Now why does one crown prosecutor have a right to overturn the acceptance of the Appeal’s Court especially when it is a civil  matter concerning him. Anyone can understand that is clearly a conflict of interest. It doesn’t need an Albertan committee to explain this to Saskatchewan.
    Judge Rothery did not define what is defaming Mr. Delete . Since I didn’t even know that there was a court to decide if I had defamed this person, and I couldn’t get to the court to determine the damages I can hardly be made accountable for decisions without my input.
However Judge Rothery NEVER said that even mentioning his name such as in Caswell vs. delete is defamatory, that unlike all other courts the court must be held in secret because this may put delete in a bad light or that I cannot appeal to the public about the wrongheadness of a crown prosecutor, a public servant being above public scrutiny. The Crown certainly is not above public scrutiny why should a civil servant be?
    Judge Rothery and the Appeals Court NEVER said that the whole blog should be erased. That is exactly what Mr. Zatlyn, delete’s lawyer wanted and that is exactly what he did not get from the Appeal’s Court.  Mr. Zatlyn in direct violation of the Appeals’ Court had my entire blog erased. Of thousands of postings only 23 mentioned his client’s name in any capacity. This was a clear and blatant violation of a court decision. It is vandalism of intellectual property.
    Mr. Delete is still fighting to have the court procedure in the North because he is more successful at bullying in  the North than bullying in other places. Judge Daunt said that the court should be where the “crime “ was committed. Excuse me. It is not established that any crime has been committed, as least not by me. In other places courts are used to determine if there has been a crime . I’d like to go to one of those courts. Gay