Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Ms.Stahl

May 14,2011
Crown Prosecutor
Saskatoon Court House
Dear Ms. Stahl
     We received your faxes on May 12. Since you are the one requesting the adjournment it seems inappropriate that I or someone on my behalf should have to go to Southend to speak to this adjournment. Any time that we have to go to court it is expensive and inconvenient to us. In addition it adds to this continual persecution that I am being hauled to court in front of people whom we serve. It is part of the programme to discredit us in front of the communities where we serve and live.
    In addition the statement has been made to my lawyer and in court in front of people from Southend and Brabant Lake that it should be in Southend Court “because that is where the crime has been committed.” These statements alone are sufficient evidence that the court should Not be in Southend but in a centre where due process is respected. Hopefully there are still some in Saskatchewan. It has not been established that I have committed any crime. It should not be stated anywhere that I have. What is being stated is that I am a criminal and thus have a criminal record even before the court occurs. This is defamatory on the basis of a falsehood and serves to lower me and our mission and school in the eyes of those in the North.
    Since many people do not understand how law and due process is suppose to work this kind of verbal sloppiness and needless persecution is very damaging. They have seen and heard  very little of proper court procedure.  Whatever is said in any community in the North is spread all over the North. The South is getting a great of misinformation as well.
    In addition the charge should be dropped completely because it is false in itself. It is not based on what Madame Rothery stated in her verdict. She stated that Mr. Delete’s name should be deleted from the blog of sixty ( 60) days. The charge as read to me by Judge Daunt stated thirty 30 days. I have gone to court in the past to discover that a charge had been changed without my knowledge or without being served. I did not accept the procedure then and I will not now. That blog no longer exists because Mr. Delete’s lawyer had it destroyed completely although the Appeals’ Court specifically stated otherwise.  I appealed the decision within 30 days , well before the 60 day deadline. In addition I did remove his name before the Appeals’ Court hearing which was a tactical error and misplaced generosity on my part.  When the RCMP came to arrest me we wanted to show the RCMP that his name was removed and they refused to look.
    Keep in mind since a civil issue is now being treated as a criminal matter the onus of proof is on the accuser, the Crown. Southend court does not operate on that assumption. I do not intend to allow myself to have a criminal record no matter how trivial the punishment. And paying $58000 is not trivial! Also your letter to my lawyer threatening me with jail and no access to the internet was in itself an act of terrorism designed to intimidate me to submission . It was also a political act and an abuse of the court system since it occurred days before a crucial election. Thank- you, Sincerely, Mrs. Gay Caswell