Saturday, June 4, 2011

The socialist international is alive and coming your way

June 04,2011
    Yes, there really is an international socialist agenda. There has been since Engels and Marx, some would argue earlier than that. There still is a socialist agenda. It may be called at times the New Age Agenda or a left- liberal agenda but it most certainly exists.
    I have never been to Brazil. To my knowledge McGuinty, Romanow, Lingenfelter has not been to Brazil. I have no means of knowing whether Whitehouse Kevin Jennings, Obama’s safe school czar, has been to Brazil but the socialists  are all “singing on the same page” and have been for some time.
    The Socialist president, Ms. Bianca Dilma-Rousseff got elected by promising she would not push her party’s social agenda. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t encouage the majority of legislators to push the agenda.
    This is the Brazilian socialist social agenda.
1. The criminalisation of corporal punishment of children by parents. Whether its Sweden or Saskatchewan , socialists have been opposed to parents punishing children. The reason is that they do not want children controlled and raised by parents but by the state. They want an excuse to take children away from parents and make parents live in fear of the state or government. Eventually the parents live in fear of their own children. Punishing children by physical means has NEVER been outlawed in Canada. In Dec.2004 the Supreme Court upheld the right of parents to punish their children for deserved actions as has been the law prior to Confederation to this day. Illegally, social workers have punished parents and children in homes where a well deserved spank or slap on the hand is administered. They have kidnapped children and destroyed families with no legal authority to do so. If children were disciplined in the North as they were in the past the courts would be virtually emptied but parents have been lied to and punished when they know that they should exercise responsibility over their children.

2.The decriminalisation of marijauna. This has been a favourite for some time. The Canadian Liberals who are a socialist party promised to legalise marijuana but the Conservatives stopped this in 2004 . Under Socialist Premier Romanow the Minister of Justice Axworthy wrote me and said that their position is that drugs should  be dealt with only by education and not by law enforcement. The government then sent out sun visors to students that said
“ Reality Check” and informed them that they are not responsible for their parents use of drugs.

3. The legalisation of abortion.  This is world wide the Big Issue. Planned Parenthood Federation buys politicians all over the world and in return gets billions of dollars of tax payer money.

4. Outlawing the criticism of homosexual behaviour. The federal socialists called Liberals and now called NDPers have been on a relentless pursuit to stop even criticism of Any homosexual activities including the use of children. For years marriage has been ridiculed, treated with distain, attacked in law and policy, financially penalised and there has been no outcry, no human rights investigations. Christianity, Christians  and Christian lifestyles have not only received no protection but have been ruthlessly persecuted. There are courts and schools where the Bishop’s remarks on the purpose of marriage at Prince William’s marriage in Westminster Abbey could get a teacher fired or a preacher hauled to court.

5. Homosexual- straight alliance clubs. These originated in Massachusetts with well known homosexual activist Jennings . Children have been bullied into believing that homosexuality is acceptable and that they are probably one and /or should be one for 15 years in Massachusetts  Schools.  UNESCO is spreading pornographic materials throughout the world to be used in schools. The big push is on in Ontario and Ontario believes that they are the country’s educational leaders.  Why do you think that they would advertise on a Stanley Cup hockey game that they are now grabbing 4 and 5 year olds all day ( not their words)? What happens in Ontario or Brazil or Massachusetts is everybody’s business because your child’s school is the next attacked. The Ontario government REQUESTED these clubs, the Bishops ASKED Catholic schools to implement non- bullying clubs and now school board lawyer’s are telling elected officials that they will be sued if they do not vote for these clubs. How can one be sued for denying a request?

6. Against law. Socialists have no respect for laws, legal traditions, due process, constitutions and majority views. Overwhelmingly all these social policies above are rejected by Brazilians and by Brazilian legislators yet there continues to be a relentless push. The socialists, CCF- NDP or Liberals believe that the rights of the accused are optional . If a person or group stands in the way of their agenda then that person or group should be eliminated. Socialist Lingenfelter believes Talk Show Host Gormley should be silenced one way or another. The NDP controlled courts do not believe Gay Caswell should have the right to appeal or to fair hearings. President McVetty of Canadian Christian College was kicked off the air by the thuggery of the CRTC. Grandmother Linda Gibbons is treated as a dangerous criminal when she wishes to help pregnant mothers. The Soviet Union tanks may not be seen pushing into Hungary as they did in 1956 but the mentality  of socialists is still the same. The Socialists are not content to control the economy. They want to control your heart, soul and mind and nationalise not just the potash industry, but your children. Gay