Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Southend RCMP show their cards

June 08,2011
    As regular readers know I have mentioned occasionally that Southend Court of Queen’s Bench and the Southend RCMP don’t seem to be running things the way they should. They have shown their cards throughout the province. Firstly my sympathy goes to those RCMP members who are ethical, dedicated , are ashamed and are victims of this corruption.
    His Grace Sylvain Lavoie sent an e-mail stating that we can’t have a priest for a camp because “we”(as in the royal "we") have checked with the RCMP and been informed that there is evidence that I abused someone and that the RCMP has outstanding legal issues with me so “ we” are saying no.
    There is no evidence who is this “we”. There are some possibilities but our archdiocese has one bishop and he is it. If there was evidence that would stand up in court that I had abused someone then I should have been charged and either been acquitted or convicted. There was no such evidence , therefore I am innocent of any alleged abuse and the RCMP had no business mentioning it and the Bishop had no business using this as an excuse.
    There was an incident when I gave a shove to a 14 year old in the middle of a Christmas rehearsal. After I reported his foster parents for drug dealing and boot legging and after the fourteen year old’s body was apparently used to provide legal protection, three months later I was charged with assault. Conveniently the cast was off my broken leg so the absurdity of the charge was not immediately obvious. The crown prosecutor collected stories by cocaine payments for other imaginary abuse. These addendums never got to court and all charges were dropped. It certainly wasn’t because the NDP government stepped in to protect me or the SaskParty cried foul. But the Southend RCMP dared report this garbage without apparently mentioning that all charges were dropped.
    As I’ve stated the Southend Court doesn’t assume that you are innocent until proven guilty and the RCMP apparently passes on edited information so that one is never innocent once accused no matter how much “ snow” is covering everything.
    The outstanding legal issues are I appealed a civil issue and am still appealing it.  The person suing me told the RCMP that I was not “let”. I didn’t seek permission from my antagonist when I applied for and was accepted for an Appeals hearing. On June 30 I am expected to go to court to help postpone the date that I can argue for a “ change of venue” because Ms. Stahl, the front prosecutor acting on behalf of Mr. Delete, doesn’t want to travel to Southend that day. As long as Gay Caswell can be dragged to court for any stupid reason people will be told stories of “outstanding legal issues” and people who need an excuse to attack us will use them.
    Meanwhile down south RCMP officers like Herzinga openly admit that the point is to drive us out of the North. They make fun of my having been dragged to court when I was nearly blind and could have easily become permanently blind by the situation.
    On June 30 I intend to ask that all charges of not obeying a court order when I couldn’t make it to court be dropped. The Court has falsly stated the judgment of Madame Rothery. The charge assumes that I did not have a right to appeal a civil matter and do not have a right to appeal it now. I also intend to put out a simple sheet stating the facts so Southend people will not be led into believing that their old friend really has done something wrong.
    On Monday one of our old friends had a funeral for his son. People came for hundreds of miles to attend but we could not attend. Fr. Blom does not want us in the church. This broaches no criticism from His Grace.  And the good news is I’m not blind and they can’t even make me cry anymore. Gay