Sunday, June 12, 2011

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June 11,2011
 Feast of St.Barnabas
    In the fourth Century the Arian heresy was so strong that three- fourth of the bishops of Europe were involved. What brought the Church back to the Truth? The Laity and a few persecuted bishops. One was St. Nicholas aka Santa Claus. He slapped a fellow bishop in a theological dispute. The bishop had him thrown in jail. Ste. Mary came and restored his position as a Bishop by giving him his stole while he was in confinement . Apparently St. Nicholas had more to say than “ ho- ho- ho.” Truth mattered to him and defending the Truth was the ultimate act of charity.
    In 2007 John and I were on the Journey Home show with Marcus Grodi. I took the opportunity to strongly lobby for a priest for Southend, Reindeer Lake. When we got home Fr. Mark Blom was to be appointed to Southend. This was a great victory. We were exuberant when he was installed in the parish with Bishop Lavoie presiding. The grave site was blessed that day. As we were leaving Bishop Lavoie who had made contact with local suppliers was furious because he believed that I had seen the transaction . The suppliers had thumbed their noses at me in Mass, letting me know that my anti- drug campaign wasn’t going to get any help .
    The Bishop said remarks about the EVOLUTION ( emphasis his) of theology and that Mother Angelica had not let someone who believed that there were nine sacraments to teach on her TV station. I said since there are seven not nine sacraments she did the right thing. He continued with pointless, to me, criticism. I couldn’t understand why he was attacking me and began to cry. The story went out that Bishop Lavoie had told me _________, (a  person who is involved in cocaine ) had to run the mission and I couldn’t. No such thing was even mentioned.
    Some of the Oblates were doing everything possible to see that the Faithful of the North could not attend Father LeMay’s funeral. Some of us managed it any way. Bishop Lavoie felt compelled to talk to me. After shaking his hand and rubbing my eyes there was the typical burning sensation, hurting ears and running nose of my unfortunately all to common contact with second hand cocaine use.
    Father Blom would not let me go to Confession properly in privacy and did everything possible to stop us from kneeling. He made sexual innuendoes and used vulgar language from the pulpit. We had lined up Father Foret to come to camp last summer. He stopped him and said he couldn’t come. When we asked him what he was doing he said that he didn’t think that we were part of his parish, that he wasn’t our priest but he had a right to stop another priest. He said “ and one time you had an AMERICAN!!!! No universal church in his books.
He let us know that he didn’t want anything to do with us. I asked him why did he let John read. He said “ I do it because he so seldom comes.” Fr. LeMay always spoke with pride of our faithfulness and always mentioned it in letters of recommendation he wrote for the children. I quit going sooner than John did because I thought it would ease the tension. It did not.  I could not go to the funeral of my friend Lila Jobb and last week we could not go to
the funeral of the son of Isadore Cook. Isadore  had been my friend for forty years and had helped us greatly when we first came back to the North.
    The people in Southend did not know why we weren’t attending Mass. This discouraged and confused them but we had no means to tell them. Fr. Blom and the Bishop did not and have not excommunicated us. If they had they would have had to give a reason and we could appeal it. Without telling us they were vigoursly stopping every effort we put out . Knights of Columbus groups were willing to help us but they stopped it. People from other communities ignored us but didn’t tell us why. Someone would promise us a new vehicle. Then she would be told that she can’t help us. Bishops from other places treated us like evil incarnate. Not until last week did we discover that the Bishop and Fr. Blom weres telling a blatant lie about me. The Northern paedophile ring had staged a false assault charge on me. It was dropped at the time of Judge Bekolay’s expose by the PA Police. See Gormley’s book. That didn’t stop the Bishop from declaring the dropped charges as
 “ evidence” six years later. Gay