Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Creating a priest shortage for their own reasons

June 12,2011
    Two young men in two communities have allegedly killed themselves within the past week. We know that a lot of supposed suicides are really murders and a lot of real suicides are connected to drugs and to the rape or rapes of the male victims. We have no special knowledge of these two incidents but we do know that there is considerable indifference on the part of some  authorities of sudden deaths in the North particularly of young men.
    In November 2003 Elias Charles was murdered. Everyone in the community knows who is the murderer. The RCMP have had considerable evidence and to our knowledge has never seriously questioned the major suspect. By December 2003 rumours had it that L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord was going to be closed down because Elias was a homosexual and since this Catholic school is Catholic it is understood that homosexuality is wrong. Ergo Christianity makes homosexuals guilty and the school was supposedly the cause of his suicide. We rarely get to the subject of homosexuality  if at all but people know that is part of the Christian package.  There is no indication that he was a homosexual nor was there any indication that he committed suicide. the gun was hid under the couch in the other room. His arms were at his side as he was sleeping when he was murdered at 1:30 am. Anyway what ever happens there is an attempt to blame it on any Christian influence that might be around.
    On the whole, native people know that homosexuality is wrong as they do know that abortion is wrong. We spend a lot of time letting them know that there are people all over the world who care if native people or anyone is pushed into abortion.  We work to let them know that there are people in Saskatchewan  who are quite willing to help pregnant women who may need help. For the most part when native people are involved in abortion it is an act of coercion. Likewise many boys and  young men have been involved in sodomy because of rape, because they are paying for drugs, and/or for legal favours for themselves or for someone else. That doesn’t make them a homosexual. It makes them a victim of sexual abuse often by people in authority.
    On the west side there was a priest who gave the mother drugs and sent her off to Prince George, B.C.  Two young boys whom the priest had befriended were left behind. He used to go to the house to visit the boys and not the mother. The priest put drug dealers and users in influence in the parish. All his altar boys quit on him very early. Fr. Blom of Southend lived with this priest . That, in itself, is not at all damning .Priests have traditionally lived with each other and often do better when they are not alone.  However west side Christians warned me about this for various specific reasons.
    Fr. Blom visited our house, school and camp buildings. He was very pleased and complementary. He asked a lot of questions about whether John as well as I take naps. For various reasons I was in the habit of resting in the day when I could. It helped me avoid light when my eyes were bad.  He definitely wanted to know how accessible the boys would be without our presence. Then one year we turned down the help of a friend who admitted that he is homosexual and does not believe that homosexuals should be excluded from the priesthood. If something happened we would be responsible since we had now knowledge of a potential harmful situation.  After that Fr. Blom was our enemy and works at every opportunity to stop our camps and our school. He won’t even let us enter the Church building.
    He had a shed cleaned out “ to teach catechism to boys”. We said nothing but wondered why he would teach catechism only to boys and why they needed a shed when any room in the school would be available to him. He encouraged people to visit there after Mass. Both of us went one time and he was furious that I was having a good time visiting with people who obviously were quite willing to confide lots of news to me
    He is furious if any priest comes near in an area where there is one priest per five hundred miles. Priests are willing to come to help at the mission but he stops them. Like the west side priest he wants a situation where people have supposedly no choice and believe if we get rid of a harmful priest we will have no priest. People definitely believe in the Sacraments and the role of the priest. They do not want “ Sunday Celebrations”, lay led services, and closed churches. For this reason they endure a lot and look the other way about possible abusive situations. In addition they know there may be serious retaliation such as how Caswells are treated or worse.
    Scandal in the Church is not caused by sin. If there wasn’t sin there would be no need of the Church. Scandal is caused by unchecked sin . When those who question are silenced there is unchecked sin. Gay