Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kick out the wolf demons

June 14,2011
    A troupe of Wollaston youth are walking to Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimmage Site. We hope that they and their chaperones will get the hospitality and help that they deserve along the way. Every year people tell us to go to Lac Ste. Anne and every year we hear more scandalous revisionist Christianity or cloudy Paganism practised. Since we can’t go to the Church in Southend and see a poster we don’t even know the dates. All we know for sure is that the Ste. Anne Pilgrimmage is no longer culminating on Ste Anne’s and St. Joachim Feast Day which is July 26.
    When the Bishop was reaming me out for various inexplicable reasons I saw his face replaced with a wolf face. I began to talk to him of his family and ignore the acrimony. The wolf left cringing away with a resentful scared backward glance.  I asked his Grace to take some pies that I had baked for the rectory’s visitors. He said no! And was shaking his head to clear it. “I need to go in there!” and pointed to the Church. I have asked a few people in the know about this.
    Lorna Keras a Christian first and a native elder second told me that that indicates the Bishop has been hexed. She mentions his book when he discusses going to a Pow Wow and going into a trance. Lorna says the native pagans could have put a hex or curse on him at that time.
    When at Peepeekesis Reserve while involved in an interdenominatal missionary group
when I was 18 years old Christian elders warned me about going to pow wows. Since I was 18 and so much smarter than they or so I thought, I didn’t follow their advice. We have noticed throughout the years the elders who are often ignored are the Christian ones. The elders who get paid trips and get podium seating are often those who are quite willing to parrot the charlatan “native spirituality” invented by New Agers.
    Christians tell me of the confusing and insipid Mass of Bishop Lavoie and Bishop Murry Chatlain at Lac Ste. Anne. Both of these priests  had a reputation of being spiritual power houses in their home communities before and after ordination . What happened.? What has happened is their Christianity has been muddied by practices and teachings that have nothing to do with Christianity but a great deal to do with anti- Christian practices, not non- Christian, but practices that are against Christianity.
    The Canadian Bishops have hired an Eva Solomon to teach them about “ native spirituality.” Eva gets a special section of antagonism  from those Christians who are trying to bring back Lac Ste. Anne to a powerful  Christian pilgrimmage. Firstly the bishops are supposed to be our spiritual leaders. They should not be getting direction from a dissident nun on anything. They should be doing the directing, the teaching and when necessary the censoring of wrong practices.  Eva has a budget and lots of supplies to be innovative in the Mass and in other areas.
    Let’s get this straight. There is no “ native spirituality.” Some natives are devout Christians, some are evil witchdoctors, some natives are cruel and vicious criminals and some are paragons of virtue, kindliness and piety and many are some where in between just like the rest of the world. Even if you consider the native beliefs of two hundred years ago they were not at all monolithic. The 200,000 natives who lived in Canada pre- whiteman differed in language, culture, economy, religious beliefs and practices. For various reasons a lot of them chose to be Christian, specifically Catholics. Why can’t we respect their choice? Must they be in an anthropologic time warp to please sociology majors? We also have accepted Catholicism and with the help of Father LeMay, Father Hermann and Bishop Sutten we were brought home into the Catholic Church. That choice also must be respected. . even if wolf demons don’t like it. Gay