Thursday, June 16, 2011

A sister of the Red Pant Suit

June 16,2011
    In this appalling attack on us and L”Ecole Notre Dame du Nord by officially the Bishop (although we never known who writes or replies to his e- mails) there is a person not mentioned, at least not recently, Sr.Anne Loewens, Ursuline.
    The Ursulines had a school , Ste. Angela’s in Prelate, Sask. Under Sr. Loewens reign the school did not provide for sufficient supervision of the residential girls and a scandalous situation arose.For various reasons the school closed. I have never visited there but do know of sincere and committed nuns who taught there. One wrote a letter encouraging us and reiterating our legal rights. In the revisions of the Independent Schools Act the school is designated as an historic high school although it no longer existed at the time the Act was written and passed.
    Sr. Anne Loewens while director of the nuns who ran a once very good residential school, was busy throughout the country organising conferences in which natives who once attended residential school could whine and dine at church and taxpayer expense. She organised the conferences in the theme Catholicism, Bad, New Age, Good although that wasn’t quite on the posters. Her organisation was Return to Spirit. It was not original and  it is and was clearly a New Age substitute for Christianity where people are to born, renewed and grow in the Holy Spirit.  She held a power post in Le Pas Chancery office through the reign of Archbishop Sutton and now Archbishop LaVoie. One could phone Le Pas and would be put on to Return the Spirit bypassing any bishop or clergy
    For some time after the last priest in La Ronge Sr. Anne Loewens lived at the  St. Jean Vianney Rectory, La Ronge. Father LeMay of Southend was forced to read a notice that in any summer activities in the Archdiocese one is to contact and be organised by Sr. Anne Loewens. Former nun Mary Joe Leddy is trying to get women ordination. Sr. Loewens short cut all that and worked at being the functioning Archbishop.
    There were letters sent out supposedly  by Bishop Sutton that were clearly not written by any bishop and not by any grammar teacher that I would hire. While he was very ill in  Eastern Canada people received letters supposedly by the bishop, that some lady who liked to share her testimony could not set foot in the largest archdiocese in the world even to visit, er especially to visit, the private home of Caswells.
    After I wrote a few blogs mentioning Fr. Nestor Gregoire and Sr. Anne Loewens Archbishop Lavoie said that they might sue me. I didn’t sufficiently cringe. I promised that for six months I would not mention their name, at least publicly. Fr. Blom carries on the work on Fr. Gregoire when it comes to controlling the Bishop.
    People mentioned to me that Sr. Loewens was a Liberal Organiser. I thought that she was just liberal. Even for the Order of the Red Pant Suit that seemed a strange position for a nun. The Liberals have been behind this push to discredit Christianity and specifically Catholicism amongst natives. ( NDP Jack Layton wants credit for it as well and claims he is a consultant on the issue).  For forty years they had been tax funding pagan activities and anti- Catholic activities such as the long, propaganda spiel of abuse in residential schools. These public theatre events have been operating without any remote nod to verifiable proof. People are not aware that abuse is defined as attending Mass and other Catholic activities in a Catholic school, getting your hair cut and separating boys and girls. We are honoured to be in the same line of defamation as Spiritual Giants such as Bishop Charlebois and Ste. Marquerite d’Youville although we don’t deserve it. However our detractors didn’t wait until we were dead.
    Occasionally we get whiffs of  smear campaigns from the south of the province. Any alleged expose that doesn’t inform us let alone get our input is not news but coward journalism and open to a defamation ruling  according to one version of the Dec. 22, 2009 Supreme Court Decision.
    I noticed arch anti-family socialist Con Hnatiuk is still a power person in Ministry of  Social Services, Regina . Since he doesn’t believe in government confidentiality  you could  ask him to get a letter from a top social worker in the province that states “there is nothing wrong with the Caswell family except the NDP doesn’t like their views.”  Very interesting reading. Gay