Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michael O'brien joins the Truth and Reconciliation Propaganda

June 21,2011

    Michael O’brien, a writer and artist we greatly admire is off to the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings in the Territories. He says that the government has personally
invited him because he was one of the few white men who went to residential school. Well there were always Prince Charles, Prince Andrew et al. He could just hand out Sophia’s House and stay home. But then that wouldn’t have the same propaganda smack as having a renown and capable Catholic writer and artist attack Catholic schools. He says that the government is very interested in sexual abuse in residential schools, that the hearings have a fair and above board agenda. Ahem. Then how come the critics aren’t invited? How come the natives who have spoken up despite life threats and said that the residential school protected  them from sexual abuse at home and gave them a wonderful education aren’t invited with cost and protection?
    Of course the hearings are interested in sensational and sometimes true stories of sexual abuse and violence that goes far beyond proper discipline.  That is the wheel that turns the propaganda machine . It has been clearly and publicly stated that former students are encouraged to collect and report even though they were not sexually or physically abused but if they had to participate in religious exercices and catechism classes or if they had their hair cut. Obviously all Catholic schools had religious exercices in which everyone was supposed to attend and participate. Transmitting the Catholic Faith is one of the main reasons for Catholic Schools, as was transmitting the Anglican or Presbyterian Faith in their respective schools. Bishop Charlebois made a definite point that children were to be taught at Catholic schools if their parents were Catholics. No.Priests did not skulk out at night, grab children, stuff them in a canoe and paddle them to a prison called school where they were kept for twelve years. One of the main reasons that natives signed treaties was so that they could have schools, especially residential schools. They were very disgruntled when the government was slow in delivering these.
    Sexual abuse is always wrong and no one should have to be quiet about it, whether it is a fifteen year old who has joined the military, a seventeen year old who has gone into a Legionnaire seminary, or a fourteen year old who was used in Judge Bekolay’s orgies. But why is there so much interest in paedophile that may or may have happened fifty years ago when the one’s who are fighting to protect their children today are hauled before courts. sued forced into poverty and ostracised including by religious leaders?
    Catholic parents in Toronto are putting up a valiant and effective fight against a compulsory programme that would recruit, manipulate and propagandise children into acceptance and practise of homosexuality including man- boy homosexuality. Toronto is a lot closer to the Territories from where Michael O’brien lives. Why doesn’t he show up at a school board meeting? Maybe they wouldn’t make such a famous Catholic writer wait four hours before he could deliver a statement or ask a question.
    Promoting homosexuality in a compulsory school programme is far worse than a specific sexual abusive act. It will spawn many, many rapes, abusive relationships, early deaths including suicide. It will cause emotionally crippled men and women with difficulties and pain in their married life if they ever reach that. Bad and terrible things happen to a great many children which effect them the rest of their lives. However the worse thing can happen is that these children and adults are taught to believe that being raped and/ or emotionally raped at six years old, or 12 or16 is just fine. They will be told that you as a boy are not a boy and should not grow up to marry a female. They  will not be told that the teacher or coach who has a ‘ special relationship’ with you is doing wrong . They will be emotionally, spiritually and physically raped and they will expect to like it and welcome it.
    The purpose of the “ Truth and Reconciliation”hearings are to discredit and bankrupt the Catholic Church and other churches. They are not interested in paedophilia or sexual abuse. Otherwise there would be hearings and investigations into McGuinty’s agenda, into sexual abuse of boys in the north by legal authorites, and massive drug busts to stop body payments. Gay