Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just a few questions please

June 23,2011
    When one goes to the doctor, or dentist one immediately knows that this person is not a fake . One knows that he graduated, where he graduated and when he graduated.One  even gets to know his middle name. If he is old enough it is in Latin. When I go to my lawyer’s office somewhere in some corner of the books and files there may be his degree from law school. However isn’t it appropriate that lawyers who become crown prosecutors or even judges prove in a public forum and available to the public who they are, from where they came and where is anywhere they graduated.
    I thought in a libel case there is an examination of discovery process.  But then I thought and still do think that both sides of a dispute should be allowed to be in court before a decision is made.
    If and when there is an examination of discovery or an opportunity to cross examine my antagonist, known in this blog as Mr. Delete, these are a few of the questions I would like asked of him.
    Where were you born?
    What is your name on your birth certificate?
    Have you ever gone by any other names?
    Assuming it is established that he was born elsewhere, when did you immigrate to Canada and under what name?
    What was your reason for doing so?
    Have you ever been arrested in and charged in ( first country ) or here?
    If so , on what charges?
    Why do you think mentioning your name or a name alluding to you is defamation?
    Why do you think that you as a crown prosecutor, a public employee doing the work on behalf of the Crown for the people of Sakatchewan that you should be allowed the special privilege of secret courts and courts where only you are represented?
    Why do you think that the words “ the corruption in the North” is a personal defamation to you?
\    Why do you fear so much that your name should be mentioned on a blog which has
 many international readers?
    Why did you insist on trying me in court 500 km away when you and the court knew that it was impossible for me to attend?
    As a crown prosecutor would you agree to a guilty charge plus a $58000 fine on someone who is absent in court and has told the court why the absence is necessary?
    As a crown prosecutor do you agree that some people should not be allowed the opportunity to make application to the Court of Appeals ?
    As a crown prosecutor do you agree that the judgments of Saskatchewan Appeals Court should be dismissed?
    As a crown prosecutor do you agree that a person has a right to attempt to appeal to the Supreme Court?
    As a crown prosecutor do you agree that a civil matter should be treated as a civil matter ?
    Do you agree that a judge in a public forum should be allowed to call a civil dispute
“ a crime” before any court has begun?
    Why did you insist on getting a judgment of defamation and damages 500km away but insist that an attempt to make a civil issue a criminal issue be tried in a court 30 miles away with no media access, no due process, no legal debate, and no time for a real hearing ?     Why is Madame Rothery’s judgement in Prince Albert Court of Queen’s Bench falsified in the Southend Court of Queen’s Bench?
    Why was the Appeal’s unanimous decision that Mrs. Gay Caswell’s blog is of public interest dismissed when the lawyer working on your behalf  had the entire blog destroyed?
    Shouldn’t he and his client be charged with ignoring a court order?
    That’s just a few of the many questions I’d like asked. Mr. Delete can’t say that I don’t welcome his input. Gay