Friday, July 22, 2011

The Cost of Conversion in Saskatchewan

July 22,2011
Feast of Mary Magdalene
    Mr. Bill Whatcott has explained publicly including at The Saskarchewan Appeals Court  that he used to be a practising homosexual. He used to be on the streets and he used to do exploitative, harmful things to himself and others. Then he was converted to Christ.
    The Before conversion Bill Whatcott was protected. He could if he had wanted advertise in a paper for boys, “age irrelevant”. He could have stood in the steps of the legislature if he had wanted and brag about sexual exploits, about how homosexuals are victims for various reasons, wore a dress and high heels in public and paraded down  Victoria Street and Albert flaunting his homosexual lifestyle, with police protecting him from any harassement.while he was part of a parade advocating a life style that most of Regina citizens display of disapproval. He could have entered Blessed Sacrament Church across from the Hotel Saskatchewan in drag in the middle of a Mass. No legal repercussions would have befallen him. If he went to the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and the University of Regina and passed out pamphlets advocating the homosexual lifestyle no one would have stopped him or took him to the Human Rights Commission because he offended Christians on campus.  There is no proof that he did or wanted to do any of these things. But there is plenty of evidence that he and anyone else could do any of those things without any legal or financial punishment.
    The After conversion Bill Whatcott has been and is in serious legal and financial trouble,. He was fined for “ stunting” in Prince Albert by Judge Bekolay. Yes that Judge Bekolay as in “All Rise! Your Honour is Entering the Boom Boom Room” - Gormley. Whatcott’s “ crime” was displaying a picture of an aborted baby at the side of a street.
    He lost his licence to work as a Practical Nurse because he publicly opposed abortion.
    He distributed papers at the U.of  S. And the U.of R. stating the dangers of homosexual activity.     He distributed photocopied pages from a homosexual newspaper that stated clearly that the clients of the newspaper were advertising for minors as sexual partners. A person has a legal and moral responsibility to come forward with evidence of crime especially sexual abuse of children. Sexual exploitation of minors is a criminal act of statutory rape among other things. Mr. Whatcott should have been applauded for bringing such evidence forward to the public. He was not thanked.
    He was taken before the Human Rights Commission because four practising homosexuals said that they were offended. He was fined $17000. It is quite common for a person to be offended when an action or desired action is put in a negative light. The police have noticed that arrested   criminals are often offended to the point of drawing a gun or weapon at them. Such is the nature of crime prevention. In this case Mr. Whatcott is considered the criminal to the point that three Attorney Generals in Canada are helping to take him to the Supreme Court of Canada.
    These Attorney Generals including Honourable Don Morgan of Saskatchewan are defending the homosexual paedophile life style from criticism. They, including Morgan  are opposing a decision of The Saskatchewan  Appeals Court. Morgan representing our government is backing the totalitarian wishes of the Human Rights Commission against the civil liberties and religious convictions of Christian Bill Whatcott. Being a Christian and acting on  Christian convictions is not and never has been a crime in Saskatchewan or in  any other part of Canada. If the tax funded heavies taking Whatcott to the Supreme Court have their way it may soon be a criminal act to express Christian Truth.
    The Ministry of Justice number is 1- 306-787-5303 or 1- 306-787-8971. The fax is 1 -306 -787- 1232.  Gay