Sunday, July 24, 2011

The man working to make sexual child abuse legal

July 24,2011
The Three Days of Ste. Anne
    For more than three years the majority of people in Brabant Lake have been trying to seek justice for the victims of a local child molester. When I appealed to the Minister of Justice office and asked if they would see that the court be moved from the North I was told that the Minister, Don Morgan could not intervene in a court case . I could not understand what is the point of an Attorney General if he could not see that a mileu for justice and equal access for court was assured. The little victim and her aunt travelled 600 miles many times only to have Peter McKenzie who lives 30 miles away do a no- show. This went on for over a year. Then the aunt recovering from an operation and with a nursing baby asked for an adjournment. That was used as an excuse to throw the case out of court. Attorney General Don Morgan in this case protected a child molester.
    Then in the list of those opposing Bill Whatcott’s right to give evidence of people advertising for sexual partners of any age, including children is prominently the Attorney General of Saskatchewan, Don Morgan. He  clearly decided that he could intervene in a court case. He is not acting on behalf of the Saskatchewan Appeals’ Court . He is leading the parade to stop Mr. Whatcott’s free speech. If Mr.Whatcott loses and the Appeals’ Court decision is overturned then it is established that people do not have a right to show evidence of the crime of child molesting, and rape of a minor. If people cannot even photocopy and distribute evidence that crime or potential crime is being committed then by implication sexually abusing minors is legal. Paedophilia becomes the new Canadian sport.
    It is Mr. Morgan who would have recruited the other Attorney Generals on the list. What did he tell them? Did he make the claim that Whatcott is a racist and this is an issue against racism? Homosexuals and lesbians are not a race. They are people involved in a chosen life style. Mr. Whatcott once chose that life style. Then after a conversion to Christianity chose a different life style. McGuinty’s government is demanding that schools allow children to make the choice of any sexual expression they desire. Why would children be forced to make choices in sexual life style at age 4 if it was an innate race ? One can’t choose the level of melanin in your skin or the slant of your eyes.
    Why would the Attorney General of Alberta ( supposed bastian of conservatism), the Human Rights Commissionss of Yukon and North West Territories ( home of pervasive sexual child abuse) and the Attorney General of Canada (supposedly  representing a Majority Conservative government ) choose to go to the Supreme Court to work at making sexual child abuse legal ?  Surely we can assume that they have been misled on this issues and implications. Who misled them?
     Although McGuinty’s Human Rights Commission is opposing Mr. Whatcott it is significant that McGuinty knew enough to back off using his Attorney General.  Three Attorney Generals are on the list. Eleven are not. The majority of the provinces chose to back off although we can assume that they were asked.
    This Supreme Court Case on October 12 is defending your and my right to free speech. It is, more seriously,about the right to have children protected from predators.
The Attorney General of Saskatchewan has made it clear that he is acting on behalf of adults who want to sexually abuse children. His motives, his reasons, are irrelevant. He can stop this claim by withdrawing his support against Whatcott and encouraging the other twor Attorney Generals to do the same.    Gay. I never chose my name but I thank my parents everyday for this lovely Gaelic word.