Monday, July 25, 2011

Chief Atleo's Horse Feathers and More

Second Day of Ste. Anne’s
    Chief Shawn Atleo of the Assembly of First Nations opines on “ going beyond residential school and trusting the Tories” in MacLean’s . Gone are the feathers, and the head dress. Suit, short hair,white shirt and tie are the mark of the designated Chief of the biggest pork barrel going ( at least it appears from my piney wood home)
    The Assembly of First Nations, Saskatchewan Federation of Indians and Metis Society of Saskatchewan are intervening in the Supreme Court against your, mine and Bill Whatcott’s right to free speech . They are intervening against a former homosexual who blew the whistle on homosexuals and lesbians advertising for sexual partners, minors or otherwise.
    One can understand why they want to set aside the residential school issue. One can only milk that cow so long until someone cries “bull!” loud enough for people to notice. In this case by intervening in a Supreme Court case whose implications could succeed in making sexual child abuse legal they have exposed their own “bull.”
    These three fully government funded groups tolerate little or no “ free speech” among the people they claim to represent. Natives who wanted to speak in defence of the priests, nuns and residential schools were bullied, threatened, and censored . Having a “ big mouth” will not help get you a job, housing, or even medical care on many reserves. The three groups have never spoken out strongly against any major issues affecting natives.
* No call for drug busts from them. No call for investigation of drug trails and transportation from South America.
* No outrage against genocide through forced abortion, and forced sterilisation
* No condemnation of Judge Bekolay and others using native boys in sexual orgies.
* No protests against giving native children taken from their homes and communities to homosexual and lesbian couples.
    For twenty years we heard sob stories of abuse in residential schools. People were given horror scenarios of 5 year old children captured by the RCMP and sexually raped. (Five year olds did not go to any school at that time unless it was an orphanage). Meanwhile on MBC (Missinippi Broadcasting Corporation ) announcements kept repearing “ You do not have to have been abused to collect residential school money. If you had you hair cut or attended religious services and classes you can collect.” There may have been incidents of real abuse but not one legally provable incident exists. No court proof with cross examination, defence and accusation debate was allowed. The favoured culprits were those who were long dead and could utter no defence. This provided more scope for the imagination
    Now these three organisations have told us and every native in Canada what their real position on sexual child abuse is, Whatcott photocopied pages from a homosexual and lesbian newspaper that showed they were advertising for minors that they could use sexually. Whatcott was exonerated by the Saskatchewan Appeals Court but Attorney General Morgan pulled strings to have the case go to the Supreme Court. Morgan’s office  has been told of rumours some native organisations are involved in the international drug trade. Nothing was done about it. But these organisation totally depended on government funds, for some reason sided with Morgan and the pro- paedophile crowd.
    If Chief Atleo and the others want to be trusted by natives and the rest of Canada they will pull support for Morgan’s paedophilia campaign and fast.  Gay