Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The yeas and nays of free speech

June 21,2011
    The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom sent us a newsletter. We can’t give them a big donation which they deserve but we can help spread their valuable information.
The following is a summary of the first page:
    In 2002 Mr. Whatcott  peacefully distributed flyers in Saskatoon and Regina to express his opposition to the positive portrayal of homosexual behaviour to children in the public school system.  He was hauled before the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and was fined. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeals overturned the decision of the HRC . The HRC continued its quest to muzzle Mr. Whatcott ( and everybody else) and appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada , which will hear this important case on October 12, 2011.
The following organisations will intervene in SUPPORT OF FREE SPEECH
* Canadian Civil Liberties Assocition
* Canadian Constitution Foundation
* Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
* Catholic Civil Rights League
* Christian Legal Fellowship
* Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
* Faith and Freedom Alliance

The following organisations will intervene in OPPOSITION TO FREE SPEECH
* African Canadian Legal Clinic
** Alberta ( Attorney General)
* *Alberta Human Rights Commission
** Assembly of First Nations
* B’nai Brith Canada
* *Canada (Attorney General)
* Canadian Bar Association
* *Canadian Human Rights Commission
* Canadian Jewish Congress
* Canadian Unitarian Council
* Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere
* * Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
* * Metis Nation of Saskatchewan
* *Northwest Territories Human Rights Commission
* * Ontario Human Rights Commission
* *Saskatchewan (Attorney General)
* Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon
* United Church of Canada
* *Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund
* *Yukon Human Rights Commission
Summary ends.
    The double starred which are mine are those which are directly government or heavily funded by government. At least 12 of the guns levelled against your free speech are paid by your tax payer dollars.
    One of the things that Bill Whatcott, a former homosexual, did was distribute a page which showed homosexuals and lesbians advertising for minors, for children. When these 12 institutions paid by your money oppose Bill Whatcott and thus everyone’s right to free speech they are supporting the abuse of children. It offends predators when others point out that they are not the victims, but the children they convert and use, not they,  are the victims. The truth may offend but it is still the truth. In this case it is also against the law.
    As a Metis I never gave any organisation the right to defend sexual abuse of children. As a woman I certainly never gave any group of women the right to do the same. When I voted for the present governments in Saskatchewan and Ottawa I never asked them to take away my free speech. I was rather hoping it would start being protected.
    It is documented and publicly known that a judge in Saskatchewan with the help of others in the legal apparatus had sexual orgies using Northern boys. Northern boys usually means and in this case does mean ,Metis and Natives,  what is called by some First Nations.  So what are three organisations allegedly representing Indians doing defending the cover- up of the rape and sexual abuse of Native children and youth?
    October 12 is close but not so close that  groups and government offices still have time to pull their support against free speech and burn their factums. Encourage it.Gay