Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How it began. Where will it end

July 27,2011
    In 1968 Pope Paul VI published the Encyclical Humanae Vitae which condemed contraception, sterilisation and abortion. The Canadian Catholic Bishops rejected the authority of the Pope and stated that contraception was a matter of conscience which couples could decide for themselves. This was an act of rebellion against the authority of the Pope comparable to Martin Luther’s of 1517. The Protestant Revolt began as one group and individual after another decided that they could be their own pope according to the dictates of their conscience. Likewise the Canadian Bishops said each couple and each individual could be their own pope in the most fundamental and sacred responsibility of their own body  and soul in the area of  family. The Bishops changed what Family meant and the responsibilities of Family.
    In 1969 after the Bishops rebelled the new Prime Minister Trudeau saw a green light to put the logic of the Canadian Bishops into law. The Omnibus Bill of 1969(1) liberalised divorce laws. Before then every divorce had to be an act of Parliament. (2) legalised contraception. Contraception has always been around and has always been condemed by the Church. Before the dangers of the pill were known or at least  admitted the Canadian Liberal government approved it. (3) legalised abortion and sterilisation by setting up hospital committees to approve them and ( 4) legalised homosexuality. The rationale for this was  homosexuality provided an opportunity for blackmail and bribery which was a threat to the country’s security . If it was legal it was argued then people would not be bribed and blackmailed over their homosexual acts. The result was a whole homosexual network spanning politicians, civil servants  clergy, media and law personnel where bribery and blackmail are the norm of operation, admittance and  and key to upward mobility.
    Many politicians oppose abortion but when one Conservative MP stated that homosexuality should be outlawed, as it was before the Omnibus Bill he had his nomination pulled. Expressing any opposition to homosexuality has become the only unforgivable sin in Canadian public life. Homosexuality went from no longer illegal to the most protected life
    In 1978 in Saskatchewan Premier Allan Blakeney with Attorney General Roy Romanow worked to put homosexuality as forbidden  grounds of discrimination in the Human Rights Code. It was rejected overwhelmingly by the public but later it was passed with successive NDP political wins.
    Saskatchewan’s Attorney General Roy Romanow and Canadian Attorney General Jean Chretian on behalf of Prime Minister Trudeau toured the country advancing a Charter of Rights. No mention was made that such a Charter would include special rights for homosexuals.  Yet the phrase that everything in the Charter equally applies to men and women went  to the most fantastic heights. It was assumed that meant women and men have a right to life, no cruel or unusual punishment, due process, freedom of religion, free speech , freedom of association et c. However as planned by the insiders the Court discovered an invisible right that same sex couples should have a right to” marriage” and everyone else must comply. The Liberal Party put out buttons “ It’s in the Charter, Stupid.”. This act of bullying ignored the obvious that no such “right” was in the Charter, is not now and never has been.  Even if it was the Liberal Government controlling the House of Commons did not have to rubber stamp the Supreme Court decision into law . They could have passed a law stating  Notwithstanding the Charter marriage is defined as being between one man and one woman  This definition  was passed in the House of Commons shortly before the Supreme Court Decision.
     The Liberal Government passed Hate Laws in which inciting hatred towards a group was a crime. Now crime no longer became an act of criminality but an opinion. The Wrong Thought Laws presented a layer of Totalitarianism into Canada. Then as usual after the rationale of Holocaust Deniers , desecration of synagogues, mosques or houses of prayer, homosexuality was included into Hate Laws. Arguments are always made in terms of racism or fundamental freedoms such as religion but then switch to homosexuality which is not a race but a chosen life style.
    Meanwhile sex education promoted by eugenic groups such as Planned Parenthood and SIECUS swept provincial schools both Catholic and Public.   They promoted homosexuality as an acceptable life style and other means of  sex without procreation .Sex education has become more and more vial to its present point of promoting and coercing children at an early age into believing that they are meant to be homosexual, lesbian et c. Constitutional rights of parents to choose the education of their children, and to have Catholic Schools which are Catholic are ignored and viciously attacked.
    School Board lawyers tell elected Trustees that they will be sued if they do not vote in favour of this paedophile push.
    Meanwhile former homosexual Bill Whatcott is facing a Supreme Court Challenge that he does not have a right to photocopy and distribute  evidence of adults recruiting minors for sex.  If he loses and the Attorney Generals of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Canada win paedophilia will be legal and any opposition to it will be illegal. The destruction of children, our families and our country must stop here. These two provinces and the Federal Government are full of Christians, and mostly sincere Conservatives. We must launch a campaign to have these governments pull their attorney generals from such an act of sabatoge and evil. Gay