Thursday, July 28, 2011

And all that Jazz

July 28,2011
    Some years ago while flying to and from  Montreal we were on an AirCanada Jazz flight. I do not watch movies while travelling but everywhere I looked I could not miss a movie about male figure skaters with obvious acts of sodomy on the ice. A female was brought in at the end as the official disclaimer that you did not see what you saw. I thought this would make travellers think that Canadians are home of sodomites at every level. Apparently that it was Jazz intended to do. There are many Jazz fans but I prefer  sorrow, despair, immorality and dissolution not put to music and not advertised on a plane that needs to be run with efficiency, care and a sense of responsibility.
    When the Liberal government passed an act endorsing same sex so - called marriage an American was telling me that they saw the lesbians with their families in the  Toronto airport. In this case I think she saw what she wanted to see. I just saw families, couples, elderly sometimes as confused and tired as I was.  The act created the fantasy that Canadians are full of  irregular unions. The exhibition couple at the Royal Wedding, convicted paedophile and “his Canadian husband” was intended to promote that view. Its absurdity probably helped to get the Tories elected.
    A seminarian used to be the Liberal photo boy. His ethnic good looks and bright intelligent eyes showed Canada as a place for everyone, with possibilities for the future. As an insider he was invited to a Liberal cruise ship. There the controllers and power elite of the Liberal Party and the party of then government showed itself. He saw it as a boat full of homosexuals, feminists, and people of various aberrant behaviour. He wanted out. He abandoned the Liberal Party and began studies for the priesthood. The Liberal Party is not over. It is just being melded into the NDP who are their kind of people.
    Some postings ago I said that we should assume that the native organisations and the HRC representing Yukon and North West Territories did not understand what they were endorsing when they stated their intent to oppose Whatcott and free speech . Sources tell me in some cases that is not true. Everyone knows, at least everyone in the Northern culture knows, that the Casinos are a draw and centre of operation for prostitutes. The Casinos are owned and operated by native groups. Legalising sexual abuse of children, male and female would expand the casinos, drug dealers and pimps’ international and local clientele.
     The North, operating illegally as an independent state, within a province, did not and
 does not prosecute child molesters. At best they are moved around from one community to another for a short while.  No apparent new persecution has happened to us since this series of postings began. However significantly before any names were mentioned a known, but unconvicted child molester broke down the large cross outside the chapel. The cross was old and rugged and should be replaced by a better one. But crosses are never vandalised in the North except this one. Child molesters are waiting for this October 12 court decision and they have been promised soon there will be no fear of prosecution.
    Three political parties endorsed gender rights which is a method of alienating children from parents and recruiting them for their sexual fodder. This crowd knows what they are doing. They  plan and organise. President  Kennedy used the term conspiracy. Phyllis Schafly says a conspiracy is when two or more people have a meeting and close the door. The rape of our children and our country by an elite has been a long term plan but they are doing it to us front row and centre, wide and high. Canadians, remember, know how to fight.  Gay