Saturday, July 30, 2011

Victimhood Status and real victims

July 30,2011
    The prize and the goal of current day politics is to be obtain the status of Victimhood. No one has achieved this better than the homosexual lobby. They are the victims and no one else is or is a secondary victim but not as important as their victimhood. As empowerment has become the goal rather than service , strangely the route to empowerment status is victim status.
    Four designated homosexuals go to the Human Rights Commission and state that Bill Whatcott has offended them. There immediately launches an attack on Mr. Whatcott’s freedom, finances, reputation, peace and security. His enemies attack in silence and haul him to court in silence. No publicity, no public, no due process. Thanks to Lawyer Tom Schuck he appeals the Human Rights Commission to the Appeals’ Court and wins. Years go by. Then Attorney General Morgan  resuscitates the issue and the HRC applies to the Supreme Court to overturn Whatcott’s win and our win, “our”  meaning those people who want free speech. Few people know the real issues involved.  Whatcott is treated by many as a crank, and extremist and  like Linda Gibbons supposedly discredit the prolife organisation and drive away moderates.
    Actually Linda Gibbons and Whatcott are the force and drive of the pro- family movement who actually make a difference. Prolifers talking to and complaining about other prolifers rarely get much done.
    Because of the Totalitarian un - constituntional hate laws pro- family people hesitatingly criticise the homosexuals, “ Well we love homosexuals and want them to have all their constitutional rights, but we are here to suggest perhaps same- sex so called marriage is not a good idea.”.
    Do you think the homosexuals state “ Well we love Gay ( Caswell ) and want her to have all her constitutional rights but we suggest that she get on with pulling weeds in the beets patch .” Do you think it is not a sign of hate when they refuse to let us have our bought property, our registered organisation, our summer camps (unless they’re invited), Our Lady’s school ( unless its not Catholic and not run by us), our newsletter( unless its edited by them)?
There is no due process when they create phony charges such as Breaking and Entering into our house, criminal charges because I appealed a decision of a court where I couldn’t attend. Et c. Et c
    There are far more serious victims of their hatred than, Whatcott, Gibbons or I. We’re adults.These homosexcuals and Attorney General  Morgan are offended because it was pointed out in clear primary evidence that some homosexuals and lesbians are advertising for sexual unions with minors. They want it to be the law of Canada that no one can criticise sexual unions with children. If it can’t be criticised then de facto it is legal. That is their goal on Oct 12 in the Supreme Court of Canada.
    I’d like to take you on a tour of the victims of sexual child abuse. It would be hard to interview them. We’d have to visit four cemetaries and many  grave sites. They can’t talk at least not where their remains are. Hopefully their cries have reached Heaven,. We’d have to get permission to open closed files of the RCMP where suicides have been brought on through sexual abuse, and where  murders, classified as suicides, are done to silence the victims and to give a final blow of contempt. We’d have to visit the courts and see women who were abused as children charged again with one of a string of  acts of rage and violence while drinking and on drugs. We’d have to go to Pine Grove and Kingston Jails and find out if there is any woman there who were NOT sexually abused as a child. We should talk to the prostitutes, male and female on the streets. We should talk to the drugged youth who want to go to school but can’t seem to clear their heads long enough to last “ O Canada” and math period.  These are the real victims.  A group of people want more and more victims like them because they believe their sexual appetites and money rackets not sufficiently satisfied ,give them the rationale for Victim Status. Enough. Gay